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You’ve pretty much clung to your new resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more. But what about sprucing your tress habits? Most women are concerned about how to keep hair healthy and will do anything for luscious locks but healthy hair is just as tricky as a wholesome skincare routine. Regular shampoo and conditioning apart, there is plenty else you can do to keep you mane in peak condition. Read on for Nykaa’s seven hair styling tips for silky smooth tresses.

Read on for Nykaa’s seven best hair care tips for silky smooth tresses.

How to Keep Hair Healthy

1. Frequent trims for great hair

The best kept secret for gorgeous tresses is frequent trims to rid your strands of split ends and breakages. On an average hair grows about quarter of an inch every month, whether or not you cut it. Ironically, trimming ends make your tresses appear longer and healthier. Split ends can stunt hair growth, so keeping the ends trimmed keeps hair in good shape. Keep your appointment with the hair dresser every six to eight weeks whether or not you’re growing out your strands.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair

2. Deep condition strands

Deep conditioning is not to be confused with daily conditioning. A restorative, repairing deep conditioning treatment—even if it’s just once a month—is vital for healthy locks. Sure, you should use a conditioner like Dove Regenerative Repair Conditioner after each shampoo but these ‘instant’ conditioners only smooth down raised strand cuticles and restore surface moisture. Meanwhile deep conditioning provides nutrients and protein to the hair’s cortex (the center of each hair shaft). Applying heat to treated strands allows the conditioner to steep into strands, nourishing and conditioning from within, a boon for dry, over-treated strands. Take your pick from an overnight conditioner like Tresemme Hair Spa Rejuvenation Conditioner, hair masks such as L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium Masque and salon treatment to add back moisture to thirsty locks, restoring luster and sheen.

How to Style Your Hair

3. Great hair comes to those who wait

In other words, patience is key. Dry over processed locks will not transform into a luscious mane overnight. Color, bleach, heat treatment and more take a toll that takes time to reverse. If you are truly committed to getting a fab head of hair give it a year at last. Most importantly, great hair needs TLC and a gentle touch, right from detangling, washing, combing, drying and styling. Try not rushing through your hair care routine, blasting damp hair with strong heat because you’re late for work or rubbing roughly with a towel.

Best Hair Care Tips

4. Hold off the hot hair styling tools

If your hair styling routine is incomplete without hauling out the hair dryer, curling irons and straighteners, then it’s time to take a step back. Give your strands a break. Get inventive and think up styles that don’t need a blast of hot air every day. Try braids, a messy bun, braids or just a high ponytail. Heat zaps moisture from locks, causing hair damage, split ends, brittle hair and breakage. The damage is worse if hair is colored, permed or straightened. However, if you can’t do without heat-styling tools, use a protecting agent like Wella Professionals EIMI Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray

 Healthy Hair Tips – Change Brushes

5. Change brushes

Ask yourself, how long have you had your trusty hair brush? Just because the bristles haven’t fallen out doesn’t mean the brush is still good to go. Bristles with jagged edges can catch hair causing frizz and ragged cuticles. Toss hair brushes as regularly as you replace makeup brushes, every six to eight months. Always use natural boar bristle brushes like Vega Wooden Bristle Paddle Brush (E2-PBB) that help distribute oils throughout hair to make it softer and shinier. If you just have comb out wet hair, use a wide toothed comb like Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Detangling Hair Brush - Rose Gold Black, not a brush.

How to Keep Hair Healthy Using Friendly Shampoo

6. Use a strand friendly shampoo

While there’s no guarantee swapping your current brand for another will give you magnificent tresses, using a brand suited for your hair type can actually help. Switching to a clarifying shampoo if your strands are perennially lanky or you use heavy duty hair styling product, to get rid of buildup improving hair quality. Highlighted hair thrives on shampoos and conditioners formulated for colored strands such as L'Oreal Paris Colour Protect Shampoo and L'Oreal Paris Colour Protect Conditioner. But beyond that, it makes no sense to switch shampoos ever so often. Hair is dead and is unlikely to glow just because you switch brands. Sure, experiment to figure out what feels best for your locks and then stick with it.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair with Right Food

7. Eat your way to healthy strands

The key for how to maintain healthy hair is to have the right ingredients. Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids and omega oils, biotin and B complex vitamins for bouncy, healthy hair. Fatty fish, flax seed oil, walnuts, almonds, potatoes, spinach, low fat dairy and lentils all contribute to healthy strands. Ditch sugary and greasy food. It’s also a good idea to take a multivitamin to boost skin and hair health like Inlife Hair Support Supplement

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