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Shaan’s Lip Tips For All Skin Tones

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“Wearing the right lip color is sooo important!’ exclaims celebrity makeup expert Shaan Muttathil. Experimenting is a must, but sometimes it can go terribly wrong. So, before you end up sporting a beauty faux pas here’s how you get your best lips on!
Lip treats for wheatish skin
Wheatish lovelies, huddle up! The much publicized ‘Kardashian nude lips’ are back and trending right off the roofs. Muted lips are all about going with a lip shade that replicates your skin tone, and it works beautifully with dramatic eyes and gives you a fresh, dewy finish. “Try a variation of nudes with orange and peachy undertones if you have olive to wheatish skin,” says Shaan. “Subtle lips work like a dream on this skin tone.” Muted lips it is then!
Lip loves for dusky beauties
Avoid shades that are lighter than your skin color. This can make you look washed out. So, avoid dull nudes and browns and try something bolder! After working on some of the most well-known faces in Bollywood, Shaan says he prefers dusky stars to sport rich reds and royal pinks on their pouts. “This contrasts beautifully with their skin tones,” says Shaan.
Ultimate picks for fair girls
Even though a milky complexion is always easy to work on, do justice to your skin tone and try something out of the ordinary. “Wine lips are very cool this season,” says Shaan, suggesting women with lighter tones to push the envelope. He strongly suggests taking a detour from the road most travelled and opt for edgier shades like spicy reds and wicked purples!
Perfect office picks
We’re all about making things easier for workaholics and women on the go! Walking into office can get quite intimidating when you are unsure of how you look. Be it a dusky or pale complexion, here’s a shade that precisely suits women of any tone. “Berry pinks it is,” says our main man, letting us know that fresh and sassy pinks can never go wrong. Nothing spells sophistication like the right pink lipstick. It’s safe and blends beautifully with almost any attire. How convenient!
Oh, glitter lips!
“Usually taking a beauty risk is a good thing,” he says, stating that getting too comfortable can get boring and repetitive. So, here’s how you break the boredom. Throw on some gorgeous glitter on your lips and boom, you’re one step ahead of the game. Dab some glitter powder over your regular shade. And hey, don’t be shy. Different is sexy. Take our word for it!
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Shaans Lip Tips For All Skin Tones - 9
Colorbar Body Shimmer
Brunch date with girlfriends
You’ll obviously want your elegance on point whilst sipping sangria. “The luminescent clear gloss is a perfect pick,’ states our makeup expert. Over your rich reds and tangerines, apply a thick coat of clear gloss to fit the bill. A little bit of shine automatically compliments textures and colors, adding just the right amount of punch, leaving you looking like a fresh-faced beauty.
Go plum for ethnic!
“From sarees to anarkalis, plum works without a doubt!” he says. Clichéd reds are out and the Plum is in if ethnic is what you’re after. A subtle stain of the color with an Indian outfit can make it seem like you’ve bitten a few lush berries. This extraordinary hue is just the thing to try if you want to experiment with something new and unapologetic.
For the love of coral!
“Coral is magic for summers,” says Shaan, who recommends pairing your lips with a coordinating shade of blush. Best coupled with your regular maxis and everyday tees, this gorgeous shade is super flattering for all skin tones. Unlike its sister shades Red and Fuchsia, Coral is best worn on a well-hydrated face, with a hint of shine for a perfect finesse. Shaan warns that Coral can get tricky, so avoid pairing with over-dramatic eyes and a heavy base. Keeping it simple is the key. So, pucker up and go Coral!
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