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Shortcut To Awakened Skin With The Best Face Wipes

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face wipes for women

Imagine: It’s been a long, tiring day at work. You’ve somehow gathered the energy to make it home but you simply do not have it in you to go through your entire nighttime skincare routine. What do you do? Pull out a face wipe, obviously!

On the busiest of days, face wipes can be a lifesaver. Facial wipes have so many uses. They often double up as cleansers and makeup removers. However, the best part about always having a packet of face wipes tucked in a little corner of your handbag is that it makes traveling so much easier and convenient. There’s no need to hunt for a washroom with a clean water supply. Just pull out a face wipe, rub your face with it, and you’re good to go! Now, who doesn’t appreciate skincare being easy, right?

Today, facial wipes are available for a variety of purposes. Some are meant exclusively for removing makeup, while others are crafted with the intention of rejuvenating your face. Some face wipes give you the best of both worlds by cleansing as well as removing the makeup! There are face wipes that are formulated especially for babies’ skin care, too!

The world of facial wipes is vast. So, read on for a handy list of the most refreshing facial wipes that will make your life easy!

The Best Face Cleansing Wipes

1. Best Makeup Remover Wipes

best makeup remover wipes - nykaa

i. Nykaa Makeup Remover Wipes

Getting home late at night and stumbling your way to the bed, only to realise that you still have your makeup on? Well, with the Nykaa Makeup Remover Wipes that won’t be a problem anymore. A 30-second swipe across your face is all you need to wipe away all the makeup, dirt, and other build-up on your face. These makeup remover wipes also hydrate your skin so that you can wake up to a well-rested and smooth face the next day!

ii. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes

Alcohol-free and ultra-soft, the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes can instantly dissolve all the makeup and impurities on your face, leaving behind no heavy residue. They are gentle on the skin but when it comes to waterproof makeup, these face wipes for women give their hundred percent! There’s no need to rinse and moisturize your face after rubbing it with these wipes as they are not just effective cleansers but also powerful hydrating agents.

best makeup remover wipes - neutrogena
best makeup remover wipes - colorbar

iii. Colorbar On The Go Makeup Remover Wipes

Infused with the goodness of aloe vera, chamomile, and glycerin, the Colorbar On The Go Makeup Remover Wipes are every woman’s best friend. They can get rid of stubborn, smudge-proof makeup in no time. Moreover, crafted with so much natural goodness, these paraben-free makeup remover wipes also nourish the skin. So, you need not worry about makeup damaging your skin anymore.

2. Best Cleansing Face Wipes

i. Lakme 9to5 Natural Aloe Cleansing Wipes

One of the best face wipes for oily skin, the Lakme 9to5 Natural Aloe Cleansing Wipes are soft, alcohol-free, and biodegradable. Enriched with the natural goodness of aloe vera, these wipes cleanse, lock-in moisture, and reduce oil on the face. The packet is extremely travel-friendly: All you have to do is open the seal, pull out a wipe, and then reseal it again!

wet wipes for face
wet wipes for face - kara

ii. Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes With Cucumber and Aloe Vera

This face cleansing tissue paper has the unique ability to deeply cleanse the pores, making it the ideal face wipe for oily skin. This alcohol-free and dermatologically tested product is 100 percent viscose, which means that they won’t leave behind any residue. Whether you want to keep a packet in your car, handbag, or on your desk at work —the Kara Cleansing & Hydrating Refreshing Wipes With Cucumber and Aloe Vera’s compact packaging ensures that it fits anywhere and everywhere with ease!

iii. Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes - Acne Free

One of the most gentle and effective face wipes for oily skin that is also prone to acne, the Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes - Acne Free are crafted specially for the lifestyles we lead today. Our skin gets exposed to a lot of pollutants, humidity, and dust on a daily basis. These face wipes ensure that the skin is cleansed of oil, dirt, and makeup all in one go! Courtesy the experts at Kaya, these wipes not only prevent acne breakouts but also help remove dead skin cells so that your skin looks nourished, rejuvenated, and radiant at all times.

wet wipes for face - kaya
refreshing facial wipes

iv. Tulips Refreshing Wet Wipes (Summer Fresh)

Regular exposure to pollution, dust, and makeup can easily shift the pH balance of your face. Tulips Refreshing Wet Wipes (Summer Fresh) is an advanced formula that restores the natural pH of your skin. These alcohol-free, ultra-comfortable face wipes will transform your summer by making sure that, just like you, your skin is having the right kind of fun too. These wipes are non-sticky, paraben-free, and dermatologically tested.

v. Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Facial Wipes

Nothing can beat the glow of well-moisturized skin and these Himalaya face wipes recognize that. Crafted with the goodness of aloe vera, these wipes help maintain the skin’s moisture, thereby preventing dryness and other issues. They’re alcohol-free and suitable for people with normal to dry skin. For instant freshness on your face, gently dab your face with these wipes at least once a day. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, then here’s a piece of good news you’ll appreciate: The Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Facial Wipes double up as excellent make up removing wipes as well!

himalaya face wipes

3. Best Face Wipes For Babies

johnson baby wipes for face

i. Johnson's Baby Skincare Wipes

From adult women to babies, face wipes are a useful skincare essential for pretty much everyone! A packet of Johnson baby wipes for the face can go a long way in not just cleansing your baby’s skin but also preventing rashes resulting from excess usage of towels and soap. They’re mild on the skin, enriched with a moisturizing lotion, and guaranteed to leave your baby radiant, comfortable, and smiling!

ii. Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Hand & Face Wipes

If these perfume-free baby wipes are not a part of your diaper bag, then you’re missing out! Infused with extracts of aloe vera and chamomile, these super-soft and super-gentle wet wipes for face, hand, and body are hundred percent biodegradable. By purchasing these wet wipes, not only are you doing the right thing for your baby but also for the environment!

face cleansing wipes - aleva
face cleansing wipes - mothercare

iii. Mothercare Baby Wipes Regular

Enriched with natural extracts of chamomile and aloe vera, these wet wipes are gentle enough for a baby’s delicate skin. These paraben-free wipes have a unique, enchanting fragrance that keeps everyone happy! Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, these wipes will leave the baby feeling incredibly fresh, clean, and moisturized

FAQs On Face Cleansing Wipes

1. Are wipes good for your face?

Carrying a packet of face wipes with you wherever you go is an excellent way to ensure that your face remains clean and hydrated, even if you don’t have the necessary facilities. Moreover, using a face wipe eliminates dust particles and other pollutants from the skin. Using face wipes for oily skin, especially, can be incredibly beneficial as it ensures that the oil production on your face does not make it greasy or clog your pores for too long.

2. Is it okay to use makeup remover wipes?

Yes, it is perfectly okay to use makeup remover wipes occasionally as it helps get rid of the makeup without much hassle. Makeup remover wipes are very travel-friendly and an essential if you commute for long hours. However, makeup remover wipes should not be the primary method of cleansing your face.

3. Should I wash my face after using facial wipes?

After cleaning your face with a makeup remover facial wipe, you can rinse it with warm water and apply moisturizer.

4. Can you use baby wipes instead of makeup wipes?

Both baby wipes and makeup wipes are designed for different purposes. Baby wipes are mild and meant to get rid of dirt and grime from a baby’s face and skin. However, makeup removers are stronger as they’re meant to remove water- and smudge-proof makeup from the face. Hence, replacing your makeup remover wipes with baby wipes may not give you effective results.

5. What are dry wipes used for?

Unfortunately, dry wipes for the face are not as effective as wet wipes as they cannot eliminate unseen pollutants and dusk particles as thoroughly as the latter. However, dry wipes can be used to dry your face after you have cleaned it with a wet facial wipe.

6. Suggest some facial wipes to use regularly.

Here are some facial wipes that can be used regularly:

  1. Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
  2. Lifebuoy Wet Wipes Germ Protection On The Go
  3. Oshea Herbals Papaya Clean Wipes
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