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Shower Caps To Extend The Life Of Your Blow Dry

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You know there’s no gain without pain. To look glamorous, you’ve got to look decidedly unglamorous first. What do we mean? Well, you’ve spent big bucks on a stylish blow dry but it’s all going to go down the drain (literally) unless you can cover it up while showering. Enter shower caps designed to resist water (and frizz) to keep your blow dry looking its best for days. Sure, they’re never going to pass off as high style hair accessories, but they’re not as comical as those ’80s sitcoms made them out to be. Shower caps, my dear, have come of age.

We’re not talking of those flimsy, plastic caps that are scrubbed together with barely-there elastic that tear even while you’re unraveling them. We’re talking about the ones that are lined with thicker material like cotton, terrycloth or PEVA (waterproof vinyl normally used in shower curtains) with pretty, leakproof designs. So, whether it’s a soothing bubble bath or a quick shower before you run off on a glam date, these shower caps will keep your tresses dry and perfectly primed. Check out our top recommended shower caps that you might be tempted to wear outside the bath as well!

1. Fiama Bath Essentials Shower Cap

The perfect way to start your day with a carefree smile. Gentle on strands, this snug fitting shower cap won’t let a drop of water in. Made from high quality, durable material, it means you can sing in the shower and splash all you want without a drop of water seeping in.  Definitely a good budget buy.

2. Vega Shower Cap SC-01

This free-size cap is perfect no matter what your hair length. Made of a durable material which means you can reuse for the longest time. Simply roll your hair into a bun. Flip your head down and place one edge of the cap on the nape of your neck. Stretch the other side of the cap over to the top of your forehead towards your hairline. Adjust and splash away.

3. Panache Premium Shower Cap

If you have long, thick hair then this is the right shower cap for you. It slides on easily, doesn’t tug at strands or leave sections exposed. This elegant, reusable eco-friendly shower cap is definitely one of our favorites. The perfect combination of style, quality and comfort.

4. Fiama Bath Essentials Hair Wrapper

Sewn meticulously from soft plastic that ensures they last for the longest time. Perfect for use in the shower or even on just-colored hair to prevent staining clothes. Ideal addition in your kit when you’re travelling, and the best part, your bae can use them too.

5. GUBB USA Disposable Shower Cas 4s

These disposable shower caps are lightweight with a soft elastic band. Ideal to use when you’ve slapped on a drippy hair mask, colored your hair or just need to keep it dry. Comfortable and convenient to use anytime, anywhere.  Completely waterproof.

6. Bare Essentials Shower Cap

Shower time have never been so glamorous! Keep your locks tucked under wraps with this vintage design floral shower cap. Gorgeous on the outside and inside with a pink trim and polka dot inner lining. Designed with an elasticated opening to keep hair completely covered while showering.

And now to how you can take care of your shower cap. All that exposure to water can make them smelly or mildewed over time. Make sure to give them a wash every fortnight. You can use warm water and some handwash to do this and let them dry out fully between uses. It’s a good idea to hang them from a hook in your bathroom after a shower to let them naturally air dry.

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