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Simple rules to keep your cool in the heat

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Simple rules to keep your cool in the heat - 1
Spruce up your grooming routine
You're a natty dresser but summertime requires more than good looks and sharp suits. Hectic days, endless meetings, long business dinners and late nights can take a toll on your complexion and hair, leaving it dull, lifeless and greasy. It's time for quick remedial action to restore the (non-greasy) shine and life to your skin and strands. After all, there's no place for the Neanderthal in today's world. A scruffy appearance, unwanted facial hair, jagged nails and body odor have no place on a modern man. 
Clean shave your mornings
Get your day off to a flying start with a great shaving routine. The secret lies in making shaving a pleasure not a chore. Newer electric razors like Wahl Home Pro Basic - Hair Cutting Kit 09155-024 and Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer 05640-624 are quick and convenient.
These latest lightweight and compact grooming tools are a mess-free way of getting a close, quick shave. The ergonomic shape makes using it a breeze while additional accessories like corded clipper, blade guard, barber comb, scissors and four clipper combs keep you in shape effortlessly.
Razors for traditionalists
However, many diehard traditionalists swear by the virtues of a traditional old-fashioned wet shave. Avoid shaving the minute you roll out of bed bleary eyed. Ideally, have a shower first so that the water makes the hair softer and easier to shave. There's a host of creams and shavers you can try out. Nykaa likes Gillette Fusion Hydragel Sensitive Shave Gel, Gillette Fusion Razors and Braun Shaver BODYCRUZ B55.
Scrub clean every morning
Instead of reaching for your girlfriend or wife's shower gel and face wash, it's time you got your own. Research shows that most men will pick up whatever's in easy reach for their daily bath. But the fact is that men tend to have tougher, oilier skin because of a higher concentration of collagen. Besides, shaving can create its own set of issues starting with ingrowths and skin irritation.
It's time to get man-centric facial cleansers like Garnier Men Oil Clear Facewash and Gillette Face + Body Oil Control Body Wash. If you're prone to acne or ingrowths then try using a specially formulated product like Montagne Jeunesse Blackhead Blitzer and Gillette Series Preshave Face Scrub. It's also time to out that crusty, trusty old bar of soap. Bathing soaps generally leave an alkaline residue that can be excessively drying to all but very oily skins. Instead get used to scrubbing down with a glycerine or emollient based shower gel that won't strip your skin of its natural, protective oils. Check out Nivea For Men Pure Impact Shower Gel, Thalgo Wake-up Shower Gel and Gillette All Over Clean Hair + Body Wash.
All day freshness
Finally, finish up with a spritz of deodorantto keep you odor-free through the day. Spray on the deo on bare skin and arm pits.
We like Park Avenue Cool Blue Body Deodorant and  Reebok Combo Deodorant For Men - Reegame, Reeplay, Reenergise. However, many men complain of redness and irritation after using an antiperspirant. In that case, opt for a roll-on or stick like Nivea Aqua Cool Roll On For Men or Nivea Fresh Active Roll-On For Men. It's also a good idea to wait a while after showering before applying it because soaping armpits disrupts the skin's protective barrier, opening pores and making skin more sensitive.
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