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Six Pink Eyeliners That Flatter Every Skin Tone

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Six Pink Eyeliners That Flatter Every Skin Tone - 1
Tracking down the perfect eyeliner can be as hard as finding a Tinder match who's isn’t lying about his age. Life is hard right? Um, think again. Luckily, our team of resident editors tried a whole bunch of formulas last month and have done the tough testing for you. It’s safe to say that this year, the color Pink proved to be the perfect shade that magically works on everyone. Speaking of pink, here are six of the prettiest pink eyeliners that made the cut.
We call this the quickest anti-aging miracle from the makeup family. Allow us to explain. So, the NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Eyeliner has the power to make a woman of any age appear a few years younger and more current. Swipe on the shade Petal right before you step out for a family dinner. That’s when you get to show off to your relatives. There’s definitely a thrill in that, right?
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Six Pink Eyeliners That Flatter Every Skin Tone - 3
Remember those countless Friday nights when you took a raincheck on every possible plan because you were feeling lazy? A fresh pink eyeliner could possibly change your mind if that happens again. Next time you decide to vegetate, pull out the Miss Claire Pearl Eyeliner and swipe it gently on your lash line. The shade Pink is the perfect hue for lighter skin tones. Swish. Pose. Socialize.
It’s indeed very comforting to see how the nation has slowly stopped shying away from colors outside their comfort zone. That’s where the Blue Heaven Walk Free Matte Eyeliner steps in. Perfect for a weekend night out, this neon formula promises super rad lids to brandish till the sun comes up. We’re currently digging the shade Pink Pack. The happiest pink tbh.
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Six Pink Eyeliners That Flatter Every Skin Tone - 5
Please note that this dual toned hue—a lovely combination of orange and pink—is topping the charts this season for its reliable long stay quality. Now layer and customize your eyes with this long wear liquid eye shadow cream duo; wear alone or blend with other shades. You’ll especially love the rich, long lasting pigments.
Here’s what’s great about the L.A. Girl Eyeliner Pencil. It imparts the ideal amount of definition and spunk without being overwhelming. The shade Pretty-n-Pink is kinda perfect for dusky darlings. Draw out a negative space liner for a millenial undertone. Pair this look with chocolate lips to give it that extra punch of sass. Bonus points for being cheap AF.
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Six Pink Eyeliners That Flatter Every Skin Tone - 7
Honestly, we’re really excited for you to try this cotton candy inspired miracle. Don’t be fooled by the name though ladies. The Absolute New York Cotton Candy Liner fits the bill for literally any skin tone. We’re currently diggin’ the shade Tutti Frutti. This fun liquid liner is super pigmented and deliver a rich color payoff to give you the funkiest pink eye-do you probably ever posted on your Facebook profile.
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