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Skin And Hair BFFs, Neroli And Patchouli

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If you thought Neroli and Patchouli were merely essential oils, think again. These exotic oils have now become essential ingredients in several hair and skincare products thanks to their magical healing properties. As it turns out, these work miraculously to prevent signs of aging, reduce acne and oiliness, calm scalp irritations and even control hair fall. Besides, with their floral yet earthy aromas, they’ll even fight BO and leave you wanting more.

Here are our favorite Neroli and Patchouli Oil infused products:

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1. Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion Lavender & Neroli SPF25

A mix of lovely Lavender, nourishing Oat Kernel Extract and stimulating Neroli Oil, this moisturizing lotion from Forest Essentials should definitely make it to your skincare routine. Not only does the combination of ingredients make the lotion smell divine, but the Neroli Oil, known for its regenerative and healing properties, firms, tones and clarifies the skin. Say hello to the goodness of Neroli and say goodbye to those signs of aging once and for all.

2. Nykaa Jasmine & Neroli Hand & Nail Crème

An amalgamation of the eccentric (and effective) Neroli and the sun-drenched Jasmine, Nykaa’s Hand & Nail Crème works wonders to moisturize and rehydrate your skin from within. Once again, Neroli works its magic to soothe your skin leaving your hands feeling softer than a baby’s bottom. Add to that, its lush floral scent that is guaranteed to invigorate your senses and cheer you up, and you won’t look anywhere else for an alternate crème option.
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3. L'Occitane Neroli & Orchidee Shower Gel

This shower gel gently cleanses the skin leaving it refreshed and delicately fragranced with the heady scents of Neroli and Orchid. What’s so different about this shower gel, you ask? L’Occitane successfully brings together these precious raw materials from the exotic lands of the Mediterranean and Madagascar to create a shower gel that gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. With this in your bath ritual, you’ll feel like a bouquet of flowers all day long.

4. Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Hair Cleanser

Enriched with nourishing Hibiscus Extracts, soothing Lavender Essential Oil and refreshing Patchouli Oil, this Kama Ayurveda Hair Cleanser can be used every day to naturally moisturize, smoothen and protect your hair with every wash. While the Lavender heals the scalp of infections and irritation, the Patchouli acts as an antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to repair all damage. Go ahead, enjoy those luscious, healthy locks.
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5. SOVA Patchouli & Sweet Almond Conditioner For Treated Hair

All your hair needs is a product that will add to its strength and shine. This conditioner, inspired by Ayurveda, has it all. Its two key ingredients, Sweet Almonds and Patchouli Oil, soothe your hair so it feels silky smooth and stronger than ever before. Not to mention, the saccharine sweet scent of the Almonds combined with the musky, earthy fragrance from the Patchouli Oil leaves behind a tantalizing aroma that’ll stay with you all through the day.

6. Biotique Imperial Patchouli Eau De Parfum

Here’s something we bet you didn’t know – Patchouli is the go-to scent of attraction. So, if you’re looking to impress your date, this is literally the perfume you need. Infused with Imperial Patchouli, this fragrance is the perfect blend of modern floral and balanced, woody notes. Spritz it on all your pulse points and you’ll find your spirits instantly uplifted, your mood happier and the world around you a more positive place. 
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