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Skin And Hair Products Under Rs. 500 That Promise High-End Results

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Greetings fellow mortals (that are subject to consistent buyer’s remorse). Before your wallet decides to order a casket, let’s get down to business, shall we? We know how tempting it is to subscribe to the theory that expensive = the best. We often surrender ourselves to tall promises plastered on delicious jars and bottles, which as we know, leads to a beefy bill. You’re not alone. It happens to the best of us.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to sell your soul to look or feel good anymore. Despite what wise marketing may have led us to believe, the truth is that good skin and hair doesn’t necessarily come with a high price tag. Just good research. Speaking of research, this week we committed to a thorough R&D to give you hardworking products that are not going to leave a cavity in your savings. Ahead, our definitive list of the best beauty products for your skin and hair that retail for Rs.500 and below. Ladies, welcome to smart buying. Products that can send post-decision dissonance on a leave of absence.

Best Makeup Products- Primer

1. Dermafique Acne Avert Cleansing Mousse

Costs you: ₹413

No one wants to surface from crouching over the sink with skin that feels stripped. This easy-on-the-pocket cleanser by Dermafique transforms that task from drudgery to a treat. For starters, this glassy aqua elixir will instantly dress up your bathroom cabinet. Coming to why it made the cut, this oil-free, paraben-free cleansing mousse is loved by both dermatologists and owners of sensitive, cranky skin. From a brand that strongly believes the essence of healthy skin being built cell by cell, this product disrupts biofilms caused by acne causing bacteria, unclogs pores and cleans out excess sebum.

2. Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil

Costs you: ₹234

Way before the birth of the digitally-connected world, Sundays were spent indoors spending quality time with our grandmothers while they oil our hair (along with engaging storytelling and tales). While times have changed, traditions need not. Click rewind with this exceptional Bringha hair oil by Indhulekha. This formula marries ingredients like Bringhraj, Svetakutaja, Coconut oil and Amla that’re tailor-made to combat hair fall, promote hair growth, and improve the health of your scalp. Religiously use it twice a week for luscious, shiny hair (think Parveen Babi). Live alone? Fret not. This clinically-tested ayurvedic oil comes in a selfie-like bottle with multiple nozzles for easy self service.

Best Makeup Products- Foundation
Best Makeup Products- Primer

3. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

Costs you: ₹500

Recently, we’ve noticed an influx of options hitting the market made specifically for lip health. However, this berry lip mask by Laniege continues to reign high on the leaderboard and qualifies as an industry-favorite from the minute it launched in 2018. Crafted with perfection, this plush, ultra-moisturizing mask hydrates lips while you’re busy counting sheep. Fortified with Raspberry, Blueberry and Cranberry extracts, its fresh berry-like scent guarantees plump, supple, (kissable, if you will) and healthy lips. For the record, you don’t need to be asleep to use this mask. It looks and feels lovely applied under or over your lipstick too.

4. Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser - Bhringraj & Shikakai (Travel Mini)

Costs you: ₹325

When the nation’s favorite luxury ayurveda brand, born from rich historic symbolism offers a hair miracle that’s priced under 500 bucks, well you add to cart before it runs out (at least we do). This hair cleanser in particular is formulated to cater to all your scalp and hair troubles. Thanks to its rich amalgamation of Bhringraj, Shikakai and Liquorice in the ingredient list, this travel size, heavy-duty cleanser clarifies stubborn dandruff, controls hair thinning, breakage and promotes regrowth. And also, here’s a shout out to Forest Essentials. We love you!

Best Makeup Products- Foundation
Best Makeup Products- Primer

5. Bio Oil Skin Care Oil

Costs you: ₹360

This list would be incomplete without throwing in this classic. No introduction required for this international hero that’s led by brothers Justin and David Letschert. They’ve really thought through their magic potion. This multipurpose, salmon-hued beauty oil instantly rose to fame. It’s known to tackle dark spots, acne scars and stretch marks at an exceptionally low price. Souped up with Vitamin E, Chamomile oil and the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, this formula is designed to aid severely hydrated skin and promote cell renewal. With this cool (pun intended) over-the-counter bottle, you won’t be tempted to use an Instagram filter. Also, this skin giant is known to be a favorite at the kardashian-Jenner household too. Bible.

6. WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Costs you: ₹374

Every morning there’s a landmark moment when you take a deep breath before you check your hair in the mirror, to only end up witnessing a reflection of a cavewoman (LOL?). But with the right shampoo, we bet you can save half the horror. For that, you need to give a strong cold shoulder to shampoos that just smell divine. The real heroes are the ones infused with traditional ingredients, like Apple Cider Vinegar. This sulphate-free shampoo with the help of this power ingredient gently detoxifies the hair and scalp by clearing all the buildup caused by dust, pollution, dead scalp cells and styling products. It also adds a beautiful shine and hydration to your strands. No more morning horrors.

Best Makeup Products- Foundation

Coming to the end of this edit, I do have a confession to make. Over the past few months, I have tried-and-tested each and every recommendation listed above. I’ve used them so diligently that they’ve depleted faster than a bag of onion pakodas (guilty as charged). With that being said, I certainly hope that these potent yet pocket-friendly products make your day a little better and work its magic on you, like it did on me. While times have changed and the days get longer, one thing’s for sure. With this list, there’s lesser chances that you’re betting on the wrong horse. However, we’d love to know how this turns out for you. You asked. We delivered. Or did we? You tell us.

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