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Skincare Ingredient To Soak Up: Pearls

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Asia has been privy to the beauty of pearls for more than 2000 years now. Introduced to us by the Chinese, the royal members of the imperial palace used pearl powder for its myriad skincare benefits such as brightening, moisturizing, wrinkle prevention and sun protection. Since its rich in minerals, over 15 amino acids and calcium, back then, they were even ingested it to reverse signs of ageing. Today it’s gained popularity due to hydrolytic technology. Get scrolling for the bestselling epidermal options in the market.

Nykaa Skin Secrets Pearl + Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask

When it comes to sheet masks, there’s no contesting Koreans. And when it comes to skincare benefits, there’s no contesting local produce. Enter Nykaa’s Sheet Masks that merges cutting-edge technology with our granny-approved ingredients. This new baby is merely one-month old and already a sellout. It’s pearl and hyaluronic acid reduces melanin production and quenches your skin’s thirst by locking in H2O. Always remember, double the ingredients are double the benefits.

Vedic Line Pearl Pishthi Moisture Serum with Jasmine Oil

Vedic line, as a brand, is based on the ayurvedic concept of using Mukta Pishthi (pearl paste) for rejuvenating and healing skin. More so, different colors and hues of the pearls contribute towards polishing skin and improving its elasticity. So, when they come up with a serum, you don’t question it. Double whammy that it’s infused with jasmine oil.

BioCare Pearl Scrub

Crushed microbeads of pearls work overtime for a flawless radiance. This, you’re aware of. It’s what you bargained for. But adding this jewel to your cart also promises a secret ingredient: olive oil. It further enables promoting blood circulation, scraping off dirt, grime and dead surface cells, and clarifying your skin along the way. More than you bargained for, eh? We think so.  

GEMBLUE BioCare Pearl Face and Body cream

There are a lot of pearl-infused faced creams out there. It's rich in antioxidants and proteins that help stimulate collagen production. Its scientific methods and state-of-the-art facilities produce particles which help active ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin. You know that means, right? Healthier, more radiant complexion. Moreover, it improves the texture of your skin to give you a beautiful supermodel glow. Sold!
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