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#SkinSchool: 7 Swaps To Make You Glow From Head-To-Toe This Winter

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Winter Skincare Products

Amidst winter’s fleeting sensual highs - misty mornings, fireside frenzies, bewitching blooms and of course, heavenly hot cocoa - comes a not-so-happy picture that, simply said, wreaks havoc on your skin from head-to-toe. Hands down, nobody appreciates chapped lips, flaky skin, parched knees, and cracked heels. Top it off with zapping your skin’s moisture level with changing indoor temperatures (chilly mornings and sunny noons) and taking scalding hot showers.

Turns out, you might be doing more harm than good in meeting your winter #GlowGoals—think eczema, aggravated dryness, lackluster, and the like. It’s time to get serious about a proper winter skincare routine and let you know how to take care of your skin in winter (so that you sparkle like snow). So, without indulging in rounds of trial and error, we’re getting you ahead of the winter game and revealing all the tried and tested winter skincare swaps you should be making to keep your skin happily hydrated. 

Your Winter Skincare Kit List:

Winter Skincare Using Creamy Cleanser

1. Swap your gel or foam cleanser for a creamy formula

Why: As the air gets drier and humidity level sinks, your skin pays the price. And since it’s already craving moisture, stripping it of natural oils is the last thing you would want to do.

To quench your thirsty skin without over-drying the skin barrier or resulting in inflammation, count on a cream cleanser to get the job done. It’s gentle enough and has the moisture packed right in. Which means, it delivers the much-needed hydration, without sacrificing a deep clean.

We love: This cleansing cream from The Face Shop is so moisturising, you could just get away without using water. Just apply to dry skin, massage until fully absorbed and wipe with a tissue. You’re done! The hero ingredient Rice Water tones and brightens the skin, all while delivering a clean, refreshed and smooth complexion. Plus, it’s so soft it feels like a dream and never, ever irritates. Sensitive skin club, rejoice!

Nykaa Recommends: The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

2. Swap your physical exfoliator for a chemical exfoliant

Why: Physical exfoliants are loaded with granules that can be harsh on your vulnerable winter skin and cause micro-tears or redness. The solution? Go easy on yourself by switching to chemical exfoliants.

Chemical exfoliants formulated with hardworking AHAs or BHAs gently slough away dead skin build-up to reveal a lit-from-within complexion. Unlike its physical counterpart, chemical exfoliation is a mild process of banishing meh skin, sans flakiness or damage. But hey, don’t overdo—twice a week and you’re good to go.

We love: First things first, it’s gel-based and natural, meaning less scratchiness and guilt-free beauty. Packed with the gentle exfoliating benefits of Lactic Acid, it hydrates, purifies and promotes squeaky-clean skin from face-to-feet, all credit to the Aloe Vera, Neem and Tulsi it contains. Besides, it also regulates sebum production and keeps acne, whiteheads, and blackheads in check. Clean beauty lovers, are you all ears?

Nykaa Recommends: Fabindia Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub Body And Face

How to take care of your skin in winter using chemical exfoliant
Winter Care Kit – Sleeping Masks

3. Swap your peeling masks for sleeping masks

Why: While slathering on a sheet mask to give your skin a refreshing start may be a good summer mantra, winter calls for all things extra...extra hydration, nutrition, moisturisation, and around-the-clock TLC. Enter: Sleeping masks.

Designed to be applied before going to bed and rinsed off in the morning, sleeping masks provide deep hydration while you get some good hours of beauty Zzzz. Because they’re lightweight and brimming with moisture, they make an effortless (and a life-changing) swap for your special winter routine.

We love: Here’s all you need to wake up to a lively, well-rested appearance in the morning while delivering intense doses of moisture. Formulated with Hydro Ionized Mineral Water, this moisture recharging gel mask from the K-Beauty giant Laneige delivers oodles of moisture to parched skin throughout the night. The Orange Flower, Rose, and Sandalwood soothe, relax and comfort your skin. Not your regular mask, right?

Nykaa Recommends: LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

4. Swap your regular lotion for a richer formula

Why: In the war against dipping temperatures, a rich formula that hydrates even the driest complexions is a non-negotiable weapon. Look for a savior loaded with fatty lipids like Choco Butter that not only protects your face, but also delivers a head-to-toe glow.

To lock in moisture, apply the body lotion straight out of the shower while your skin is slightly damp. It’ll also help restore lost moisture and soothe itchiness from standing under hot water for long.

We love: Infused with Choco Butter, this superstar moisturiser scores a 100 for combating the snowstorm of flaky, itchy skin from face-to-feet. Just scoop a dollop of the product and slather it on your skin for an instantly energized and radiant complexion. What’s best? It’s also loaded with Caffeine, Argan Oil and Vitamin E that deliver an even skin tone, nourish the skin and keep it soft, smooth and supple all day long.

Nykaa Recommends: MCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Body Butter

Winter Skincare Products – Body Butter
Winter Skincare Using Tinted Lip Balm

5. Swap your everyday lip tint for a tinted lip balm

Why: Did you know that unlike every other square inch of your skin, your lips (besides the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet) don’t have any oil glands? Which means, they cannot replenish lost moisture and are highly vulnerable to harsh winter conditions. To the rescue: Lip balms.

Packed with good-for-you ingredients, lip balms keep your lips smooth, soft and happy all winter long. Bonus points if they’re tinted coz they help bid adieu to matte lippies that can actually dry out your lips, without compromising one bit on a holiday-ready pout! Lip Balm is one of the must-have winter skincare product. Take it from us!

We love: Here’s a cult-favorite lip balm that restores cracked lips and provides 16-hour moisture, all while leaving behind a translucent pop of color and shine. Enriched with the goodness of Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, it’s so nourishing you’ll see serious healing results right after the first use. Plus, the candy pink color is so subtle, it feels like your natural lips, all while drenching them with tons of TLC.

Nykaa Recommends: Maybelline New York Baby Lips Color Balm SPF 20- Pink Lolita

6. Swap out ignoring your hands and feet for pampering them

Why:Between dry air, wearing mittens/woollen socks, and constant washing, our hands and feet can feel dry, chapped and even reveal little cuts. And since the protective moisture barrier is already lessened, dousing them with moisture, nourishment, and hydration is a must to keep them jolly and merry.

With luxurious hand and foot creams, you can rest assured of delivering the necessary pampering. For hands, we bet on hydrating ingredients like Aloe Vera and because your feet need extra attention, buttery, rich formulas work best.

We love:This hand and foot combo from Aroma Magic works wonders on dry, rough, and cracked hands and feet. While the buttery foot cream smoothens your skin and repairs dry heels, rough feet, fine lines, and cracks, the hand cream deeply nourishes to leave your hands soft, smooth, and supple, all credits to the Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Almond Oil infused in it. Together they make a dream team for banishing winter woes.

Nykaa Recommends: Aroma Magic Hand & Foot Care Combo

How to take care of your skin in winter with Hand & Foot Cream
Winter Skincare Using Tinted SPF Moisturizer

7. Swap your matte foundation for tinted SPF moisturiser

Why: Sun protection in winter? Hell yes! Though it’s chilly outside, the nasty UV rays are still there filtering through the clouds and windows. And because your favorite matte foundation may only make your skin bone dry, you may want to give it a break and find a do-it-all formula that delivers sun protection, hydrates, and provides light coverage.

Consider a tinted SPF moisturiser your partner in crime. Easier to wear than foundation (no heaviness, no cakiness, and no blending, blending, and blending), it not only delivers doses of moisture, but also evens out your skin tone and protects from premature signs of skin aging like fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles and pigmentation.

We love:This tinted SPF 30 PA+++ moisturiser is a total time saver. It hydrates, soothes, protects, and leaves behind a natural-looking, dewy glow. It’s unique formulation instantly blurs imperfections and evens the skin tone. Besides, it’s featherlight and non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores that leads to breakouts. No Instagram filters required coz this buddy does it all, sans damage.

Nykaa Recommends: Avene Day Protector Tinted Cream 30 SPF

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