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Slumber Trouble: Embarrassing Sleepover Situations

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Who doesn’t love the occasional get togethers a.k.a sleepovers a.k.a pyjama parties with their girls — you gossip till the wee hours of the morning, obsess over your crush (or crushes!), paint each other’s toenails, battle it out in a pillow fight, pull ’gram-worthy faces with your favorite sheet mask on, while bingeing on all things wine and pizza. Although, no amount of prep can prepare you for the disasters (and horrors) that happen once you go to bed. Think slurry drools, noisy snores, uncontrollable farts... You know what follows after that - your WhatsApp group chats gets flooded, social media goes berserk and let’s not even get to the slumber parties that come after. Boy, friends can be mean!

If you're losing sleep thinking about your embarrassing sleeping habits, here are some quick fixes you ought to lie-in.

  • Situation #1: You Drooled All Over Your Friend’s Pillow

    No matter how hot the room is, waking up to a wet pillow can never be a treat. Leaving wet stains on your friend’s expensive silk pillow is even worse. Drooling might be natural, but definitely not welcome when you’re sleeping on someone else’s pillow.
    Get The fixes:
    • Sleep on your back: According to sleep experts, “Back-sleepers are less likely to drool than side or stomach-sleepers.” Apparently, this is where gravity works its magic. It prevents saliva from sliding out from your mouth. Hmm, makes so much sense.
    • Home remedy: Bite on a lemon wedge, sip on some much needed ginger tea or drink plenty of fluids before you go to bed to avoid excessive saliva production.
  • Situation #2: Your Loud Snoring Is The Talk Of The Room

    The sound of loud snores is undeniably annoying, right? Especially, if it’s your embarrassing snores that’s keeping your friends up all night. If you’ve been drinking all night, chances are that all your friends will be snoring too, but if you’re the only culprit, you’ll be the dreaded topic of tomorrow’s breakfast discussion.
    Get the fixes:
    • Small nudge: Before you go to bed, inform the girls about your loud snores beforehand. A small nudge while you sleep can make it all stop. 
    • Sleep sideways: It’s obviously hard to sleep in one position but you can make it work by wrapping yourself around a pillow. You don’t want to be sleeping on your back because that's when your tongue moves to the back of your throat, blocking airflow. This sleep disorder solution works like magic!
    • Use a nasal strip: Tape your nose with a nasal strip before you fall asleep. Experts recommend over-the-counter nasal strips to help open nasal passages.
  • Situation #3: Your Sleep Farts Are Polluting The Room

    Raiding your friend’s closet and discussing Vicky Kaushal at great length can make you hungry, we agree. But that doesn’t mean you go overboard. Those fatty foods can produce stinky sleep farts that nobody wants to be subjected to. You definitely don’t want to be the butt of all jokes.
    Get The fixes:
    • Stop the binge: Gastroenterologists constantly harp on the fact that carbonated beverages and junk food adds up to more gas and even feeds the bacteria in your digestive tract. No surprises here. So, make sure you sleep at least 2-3 hours after you’ve eaten to reduce gassiness.
    • Don’t sleep on your belly: Stomach sleepers, you’re not going to like what you’re reading. When it comes to night farts, this position is fatal… for others. The pressure on your abdomen will literally compel all that unpleasant smell to come out.
    • Stay hydrated: If we had a penny for every time someone suggested drinking water as the answer to every problem, we’d be rich. So of course, guzzling water throughout the day will settle down the gases. Trust us, this is one of the must follow sleeping problem solutions.
  • Situation #4: You Got ‘Em Sweats

    You just woke up and everything is completely drenched — your clothes, the sheets and again, that expensive, silky pillow. You’re thinking your friends pulled the ‘water bucket’ prank on you but no one seems to be laughing. Even the air conditioner seems to be working just fine. This is the classic situation of what we call, night sweats. However, drenching night sweats or a change in your pattern of sweating needs to be evaluated. Unless they are mild hot flashes, then you’re better off.
    Get the fixes:
    • Breathing exercises:  If you’re feeling stressed, chances are that’s what is causing the sweats. This sleep problem can be handled easily.Practice breathing exercises or simply meditate to relax your senses.
    • Say no to spicy food: If you love ‘em chillies, you may not like what we’re about to tell you. Consuming hot foods will heat up your body and make you break out into sweats. There, we said it.
  • Situation #5: You Stained Your Friend’s Sheets

    If your BFFs won’t understand your period woes, who will? But, if it’s the day of the dreadful ‘heavy flow’ and you forgot to change up before sleeping, things can get pretty embarrassing. You know Aunt Flo can be quite unpredictable, so don't let her be the reason you buy your friend some expensive new sheets.
    Get The fixes:
    • Ice packs: When the flow just won’t stop, place an ice pack on your belly for 20 minutes (several times a day) to slow the flow.
    • Vitamin C supplements: When you bleed heavily, you lose a lot of iron. So, strengthen blood vessels by consuming Vitamin C supplements.
    • Menstrual cups: Ditch those pads and say hello to menstrual cups. A menstrual cup can stay in place safely for 12 hours. It also happens to be environment-friendly. Cheers!
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