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Smokin' Hot Summer Basics

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Smokin' Hot Summer Basics - 1
Staying cool in summer isn't just a case of fitting into your skimpiest outfit. The art of not over-heating has a lot to do with what you feed your skin, hair and tummy too. While switching to lighter moisturisers, exfoliating regularly and flipping on flip-flops helps, that’s only half the battle. With our summer bod basics you’ll never have to cross paths with dehydration, dull skin and that down-in-the-doldrums feeling.  Check out our delicious, skin loving, body loving swaps that are soooooo satisfying. And just in case you miss your daily dose (though we don’t permit) or love some extra care, we’ve got you a PLAN B. A cheat-sheet-beauty-reboot. 
Nothing says summer like fresh sweet corn, watermelon, berries, pineapple, cucumber and coconut water. The main reason they taste so refreshing is their high water content. No more masquerading dehydration as hunger. Have these on-the-go, the second you wake up, at work in between meals or to compensate for over indulgences.
Plan B: Make your mornings fresher with this Orange peel, Grapefruit, Lemon and Aloe Vera infused face wash. Say hello to Aroma Magic Grape Fruit Face Wash!
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Gazpacho! This blender-to-bowl chilled summer soup is nothing like those steaming bowls of winter. Make your own cool colourful mix of seasonal fruits and veggies and slurp your way to better skin. In fact, two cups of tomato-based gazpacho clocks just under 100 calories. Meaning? Larger servings. Yaaaass!
Plan B: Make sure you’re getting ’em all nutrients with INLIFE Hair Skin and Nails, 60 Tablets With 10, 000 mcg Biotin, For Hair Fall.
That shaved ice snow cone spikes energy but ends up stoking your appetite for real food when the sugar rush falls. Swap it for frozen bananas. Now we’re not saying you should say sayonara to dairy but crowding your plate with grilled veggies might be a wiser option. Swap that second cheeseburger for a stir fry choc-a-bloc with eggplants, sweet potatoes and onions. You know the drill.
Plan B: A few drops of Nykaa Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil will keep you feeling fresh as a daisy. Added benefit: It’s proven to ward off hunger pangs! Yay!  
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If you haven’t started your meal prep with these delish goodies yet, you’re probably cooking under a rock. Take your pick of summer fruit, avocado toast, tomato salsa, frozen fruit popsicles, protein energy balls and chia pudding. …some home-made, on-the-go yoummy stay cool goodies. Portable, edible heaven.
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Enough with that boring iced tea already. Just blend together all the fruit you fancy with some ice and pop into a mason jar. Frozen fruit smoothies are perfect to beat the heat and deliver a powerhouse of nutrients. You’re going to be wanting to jump out of bed just to make these. Promise!
Plan B: What’s your skin eating? Treat it with Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Fruit Pack.
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Bad skin? Drink water. Dehydration? Drink water.  Lethargy? Drink water. Sick of your man? Just kidding. But really, replacing most beverages with this star is the best thing you can do for yourself this summer. Get a cute water bottle, infuse some fruit into the water and make a detox version of it.
Plan B: Now water can’t be traded for anything, but here’s some extra for your skin. Spritz on Avene Thermal Spring Water anytime your face feels parched.
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