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Snag These Nykaa Combos Or Forever Hold Your Peace

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Every shopaholic knows that when you shop so often you’ve got to get the biggest bang for your buck. I’m not far behind, constantly on the lookout for the best deals, fabulous offers and multi-tasking products that won’t lead to an unfixable hole in my pocket. So, when Nykaa goes that one step ahead and creates exquisite combos that have practically everything you need at more than affordable prices, I know I have to get my hands on them all immediately. And while there are more combos than I can count, I’ve rounded up my favorites that will complete your makeup and skincare regimes. 

Healthy Food For Hair Growth & Glowing Skin

1. Nykaa Date Night Combo

From a sketch eyeliner to create that perfect winged liner to a waterproof kajal for that sultry smudged eye, from a delicate nude matte nail polish to a chrome gold one that screams glamor, and from two different shades of lipstick to a dual blush palette that adds some much needed color to your lips and cheeks, this combo has it all.  So, whether you’re planning a romantic candlelight dinner with bae or a night on the town with the girl gang, whether you want to go all out sexy or muted but elegant, you’ve got the perfect products to create the makeup look you desire with Nykaa’s Date Night Combo.

2. Nykaa Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel + Body Lotion + Fragrance Mist Blooming Blossom Combo

If you can’t go on a holiday coz you’re broke after shopping like a maniac, bring that exotic destination to you with this Wanderlust Japanese Cherry Blossom Combo. Complete with a generously foaming shower gel, a creamy but light body lotion and a sweetly fragranced body mist, here’s a combo that’s so refreshing it can only leave you in a happy, chirpy mood. All these products not only work wonders on your skin but they also smell like an orchard of cherry blossoms in full bloom. It’s like having the essence of Japan packaged in a bottle.

Healthy Snacks- Cranberry & Orange Trail Mix
Healthy Food For Hair Growth & Glowing Skin

3. Masaba By Nykaa - Rawr Lipstick & Nail Enamel Combo

When Masaba dropped her newest range in collaboration with Nykaa Cosmetics, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Twelve different shades for your lips that came with an exact match for your tips too – how couldn’t we lose our minds? And while we’re head over heels for the entire collection, if we had to pick a favorite, it would be the lipstick and nail enamel combo in the shade Rawr. It’s a pinkish nude hue that can be toned down for a day at work or amped up with high-glam eye makeup for after-hours fun. And the fact that both the lipstick and the nail paint look so unbelievably good (and somehow entirely different too!) on all skin tones has us completely sold.

4. Nykaa Detox Essential Oil Combo

We know just how important it is to give our skin and hair that much needed TLC and what better way to do it than with this Detox Essential Oil Combo of Lavender and Tea Tree from Nykaa Naturals. While Lavender works its multi-tasking magic to both calm inflamed skin and control dandruff, Tea Tree is not only an effective pimple zapper, pigmentation fader diminisher and skin hydrator, it’s also recommended by some of the world’s best hair salons to stop hair fall and enhance hair growth. Who knew two little bottles of aromatic oils could produce such effective, therapeutic results? Whatever it may be, we’ve got this combo in our bag.

Healthy Snacks- Cranberry & Orange Trail Mix
Healthy Food For Hair Growth & Glowing Skin

5. Nykaa Call Me A Unicorn Nail Enamel Combo

If you’re looking for magic at your fingertips, then here’s a nail enamel combo that’s going to completely rock your world. The Nykaa Call Me A Unicorn Nail Enamel Combo has the shades Mystical Mermaid, an aqua holographic shade that totes reminds us of the ocean, Pink Pony, your must-have baby pink candyfloss nail color, and Frosted Fairy, an enchanting purple that makes you think of Fairy Godmothers, frosted fairy wings, fairy dust and basically all things happily-ever-after. So, on days you feel like you just can’t adult anymore, dip your tips in any of these hues and make your holographic, mystical dreams come true.

6. Nykaa Floral Glory Hand & Nail Creme Combo

We often forget to take care of our hands, which BTW, show signs of aging faster than our faces. Worry not. Nykaa’s Floral Glory Hand & Nail Crème Combo enriched with Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil is the savior we’re all looking for. It comes with three variants – Magnolia and White Tea, Freesia and Vanilla, and French Lavender and Honey – all of which smell fresh and floral. Keep these tiny tubes at your desk and use them when you want through the day - whether your hands feel dry and in need of some moisture or you just want to douse yourself in their heavenly aromas. They’re just the midday pick-me-up your hands need.

Healthy Snacks- Cranberry & Orange Trail Mix
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