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Soak Your Skin: Must-Have Bath Essentials

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Having a busy week can most often take a toll on your skin (and your personal life, of course). That said, it’s time to think about the health of your skin. After much groundwork, we've listed five hardworking skin messiahs to add to your beauty cabinet.  

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Why: Pomegranate (enough said)
This exfoliating Pomegranate with and Organic Sugar adds natural oils to your skin and is specially crafted with natural scrubbing agents – chickpea flour and raw brown sugar.


Why: We are in love with the Cocoa (Butter)
Imagine the comfort of a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold, blustery winter evening. Cocoa Butter provides that exact comfort to your skin in the harsh weather! This nourishing ingredient heals, softens, fights signs of ageing and is a boon for parched skin especially in the winter.

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This NIVEA Creme Care shower Cream will envelop your skin with its foam and the unique NIVEA scent leaving it feeling moisturised and smooth. Let this pampering, yet light cream shower with selected elements of the original NIVEA Creme- Pro-Vitamin & caring oils envelop your skin with its soft foam and the unique scent of NIVEA scent, leaving it feeling intensively moisturised and smooth. 


Had a long day? Lean on the bath bombs to cleanse your sorrows away. This bath essential designed with Rose Petals are highly aromatic powered with essential oils to give you a luxurious and heavenly bathing experience. Made without any artificial ingredients or any preservatives, these are naturally dried with edible ingredients to give you natural goodness that cares for your skin.

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Who doesn't love a good bubble bath? This gentle, 100% soap-free body wash is a beautiful concoction of Wild Berries, Sandalwood Oil, Honey and Aloe Vera to make baby's and mommy's bath time a delightful experience. This light-foaming, pH balanced formula refreshes and nourishes sensitive skin, without drying or irritating your skin.

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