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Soha Ali Khan lets us in on her beauty secrets

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Royalty, actress, wife, daughter, activist and animal lover. The gorgeous Soha Ali Khan wears many hats and still looks invincible. We caught up with the stunning star for a tete-a-tete.  
What's in your makeup bag?
I don't know about my bag but I do have a quick makeup routine; I can’t do without mascara and lipstick. In fact, I always carry a lipstick and sunscreen in my bag. I prefer lighter makeup given Mumbai’s weather. Frankly, mornings can be rushed and if there isn’t time for much else, lashings of mascara are enough to add a touch of subtle drama. Personally, I love the no-makeup makeup look. No one should know how much makeup you're wearing!
What's your current fave beauty trend?
I don't really follow beauty trends but I’ve always loved color. I prefer focusing on my eyes but I’m now leaning towards subtle eye makeup and experimenting with lip colors in reds and pinks.
A makeup technique you're a fan of?
My work requires me to look perfect and I’ve fallen in love with contouring. Such a fun way to add definition and really highlight or tone down features. I already have high cheek bones but sometimes it’s nice to dramatize them and draw attention.
A skin care regime you follow everyday.
I drink lots of water, eat right and sleep for at least eight hours because that’s the time when your skin heals. Sun block is a must even if I’m indoors. I use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 because it’s anti-aging. I may not use makeup every day but I never give sunblock a miss. I also use an intense moisturizing cream every night because I have very dry skin.  
Matte, Glossy or Shimmer, what's your favorite lippie?
I like lipstick that’s somewhere between matte and gloss, like a conditioning matte. I don't like very dry formulas or glosses.
Your go-to on a bad hair day?
I simply tie my hair back in a ponytail or a fashionably messy bun.  
Any favorite look from a movie you've starred in?
I’m in love with the wing tipped eyeliner look that’s so reminiscent of the ’60s. I've always loved highlighting my eyes, my strongest feature, so my favorite look was in Khoya Khoya Chaand where I played a ’50s actress. I really like that whole bouffant and wing tipped eyeliner look.
Any international beauty icons you admire?
There are so many… When I think of classic international beauty, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly come to mind.
Your go to makeup artist.
I'm a control freak so don't trust anyone blindly. I really like to do my own makeup as far as possible but I respect Mickey Contractor’s opinion because he somehow always manages to make my skin look radiant.
An Indian actress you admire.
Again, it's a long list and it may sound a little contrived but I do admire Kareena. I think she’s a natural beauty and carries herself with a lot of poise. I've seen her with and without makeup and she always carries herself with this natural confidence without trying too hard.
What qualities embody an ideal woman?
The ideal woman wears many hats…working woman, homemaker, mother. She’s someone with great inner strength and isn’t afraid to speak up. I admire courage, strength, inner beauty, and an ability to accept oneself, a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, whatever her shape, size or color.
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