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A Celebration Of Self With Sol de Janeiro

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The smell of sea salt wrapping me in all its glory as I sit admiring the endless stretch of blue ahead. Under the azure sky, with sand between my toes and the sight of sunlight surfing the waves, only to thrash on the shore. I am sure the allusions are far from obscure. The beach is my favourite place to be — in all seasons and for all reasons. I could never get enough of the infectious energy wafting with the sea breeze that arouses a sense of vitality.

A gift of nature that keeps on giving! Awakening the child within — I scurry around for the prettiest seashells, building sand castles blissfully, without a care to weigh me down. And in this moment of unfiltered happiness, the tousled state of my hair doesn’t seem all that vexing. The sunglow underlining every flaw, every fold in my body caught on film which would have otherwise been masterfully cloaked with a filter or two, remains untouched. As if the liberating sea, its rhythmic ebb and flow, are calling out to me to shed all inhibitions on the coast and make a splash!

Bottling this freedom of authenticity, the liberty to be your true self, unabashedly is the beauty brand Sol De Janeiro. Founded on the cornerstone of the Brazilian Beauty philosophy— embracing your body sans conditions, this award-winning line of body care, fragrances and hair care essentials is the epitome of self-love. Championing the notion that beauty isn’t just a standard, but an attitude — the pure joy and incomparable confidence one experiences when comfortable in their skin! Sol De Janeiro’s unique brand ethos celebrates you and everything you stand for. Moreover, their line of body creams with exquisite textures and rich scents will teleport you to the beach, in the blink of an eye. So, you can be blissful and full of life anywhere, anytime!

Skincare That Goes Beyond The Face

A jar of satiating (good-for-you) ingredients that are a pleasure to apply. The divine fragrances that Sol De Janeiro’s line of body creams boast are bound to teleport you to the beach. Stimulating the uninhibited, flamboyant self, no matter where you are. The brand, since its inception in the year 2015, has redefined what skincare entails. Skincare goes well beyond the face, and with Sol De Janeiro’s result-oriented formulations, you can direct efforts towards tackling pertinent issues— everything from skin tightening to combating discolouration.

I have been the greatest fan of the brand, following their journey for a while and was excited to try the best-sellers that have become synonyms with body care all over the world. Scroll ahead for my takeaway on these potent formulas that your skin will love.

best tightening cream

Brazilian Bum-Bum Cream

A harmonious blend of pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla scent, this visibly tightening cream is no short of a summer dream. The multiple accolades bestowed upon the offering are a testament to the efficacy of its beautiful brew that includes caffeine-rich Guaraná Extract. I have incorporated the Bum-Bum cream in my post-shower ritual, and have witnessed visible signs of improvement in my skin. First and foremost, with an out-of-the world texture and a delicious scent, I start my mornings on a happy high! The fast-absorbing Cupuaçu Butter delivers deep hydration and essential fatty acids into the skin, making this incredibly hydrating cream an instant treat. My skin looks happy and vibrant around the clock. Not to mention, the pop of yellow on my vanity perks me up, and how!

best brightening cream

Bom Dia Bright Cream

Get teleported to the lush beaches of Brazil with the Bom Dia Bright Cream! Imbued with fruit AHAs and the holy grail for skin brightening i.e. Vitamin C, this smooth cream gently exfoliates and reveals the clear, even complexion underneath. The naturally sourced AHAs and BHAs also expedite cell turnover, fighting any episodes of ingrown hair. I have been summoning this miraculous rub after an in-shower shave and using it generously over my limbs. My arms, especially, are susceptible to getting very rough owing to the appearance of ingrown hair. Using this concoction has alleviated the roughness and bumpy spots on the skin. Not to mention, the cream is feather-light and smells like sunshine and rainbows!

best body cream

Sol de Janeiro Beija Flor Elasti Body Cream

Walking along the seashore, a messy bun adorned with jasmines. The melody of scents wafting in the air-the blossoming buds married with sea salts packing a powerful punch for the senses. Sounds enticing? Well, the Beija Flor Elsati by Sol De Janeiro has whipped this emotion into a creamy brew. Infused with jasmine, and ocean air and thrown in this mix pink dragon fruit— this fruity scent guarantees to uplift your spirit! Boasting vegan collagen and Cacay oil (a natural substitute for retinol), the cream helps to boost collagen, making your skin look supple and soft.

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