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It's Giving Main Character Energy: Spoil Yourself Rotten This V-Day With Little Acts Of Love

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“I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand”, Miley Cyrus' latest track, is a bop and has rightfully emerged as the anthem for singles across continents. And I am pretty sure that (single or not) jamming to this hit has made us all feel like the main character at some point— looking all fly, strutting around the streets, similar to Cyrus' rendition in the MV! Now, while many netizens have callously attributed the blockbuster number as an unwarranted diss (on you know who), we, on the contrary, see it as a celebration of self. The beautiful melody is a reminder of how coming into your own can be liberating, of how loving yourself sans conditions is empowering— a takeaway that bodes well for all, regardless of our relationship status. Moreover, the genius lyrics that shed light on self-care and healing, by touching base with varying languages of love have truly resonated with many —tugging at our heartstrings.

Taking a page from the pop superstar’s book— we all can agree that vesting time in self-care goes a long way. A practice that should seamlessly and intuitively fit into our day-to-day activities but is often relegated to the last spot on our do-to-lists (owing to more pressing engagements). A self-care ritual can entail anything, from carving out some me-time to indulging in little pick-me-ups, and need not be overtly planned or unnecessarily extensive. Just whisk out a few hours on a relaxing Sunday afternoon or after a long day of work to undertake activities that soothe, uplift your spirit and align all the chakras in the body. And so, this Valentine’s Day, we are helping our readers uncomplicate the art of self-care with little acts of love for your mind, body and soul.

1. Quality Time

Unpacking emotions, introspecting and directing efforts towards your welfare is only possible when you spend ample time with yourself. Blow off some steam with a satiating mask, and pour yourself a nice ol’ glass of wine as you check in with yourself, now and then. These little pick-me-ups are bound to keep you upbeat, motivated and centred.

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2. Acts Of Service

Down in the dumps? Take a minute to appreciate yourself with little acts of service! You may draw a bath with exquisite smelling salts and bath bombs to rejuvenate and regroup. Or else, hop into the shower for a deep hair cleansing ritual that will not only bolster its strength but also make it look luxuriant! Or maybe just an at-home pedicure to spoil yourself rotten?

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3. Gifting

Splurging on little tokens of love for yourself is healthy (trust us)! Get your hands on that luxe perfume, that smells of hopes and dreams, which you have been eyeing for a while! Gift yourself the gorgeous eyeshadow palette that has been sitting in your abandoned cart in time for Valentine's day. Rewarding yourself can be a means to acknowledge how far you have come -personally, professionally and spiritually! Else get yourself some flowers, because who doesn't love that?

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4. Words Of Affirmation

You attract the energy you exude —remember, the universe is conspiring with you to help realise your goals! So, make sure to practise gratitude to manifest the life you have envisioned. We recommend maintaining a gratitude journal— light some candles or incense sticks and take a wee bit to acknowledge everything you are thankful to have!

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