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Spring-Summer picks for Every Woman!

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Spring can't get any better ladies! Just the season for a delish beauty overload. That's why! We've got a goodie for each and every one of you. So read on to see what personality trait fits you best, and get your beauty pick tailor made just for you! (Ah, life as a woman)...
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 1
Woman On The Go!
If you're married to your work, well then you definitely need to get your hands on this beauty buddy ASAP. Tackle those embarrassing under eye dilemmas with a great eye cream infused with a power dose of Vitamin E. Apply this daily and for visible results. Tata tired eyes!
Traits: Organized, Logical and Witty
The Hopeless Romantic
Be in love with love this Spring with kiss-ready lips that look great and feel even better! Dab on a girly balm and those lips are sure to look and smell like an absolute dream. Now all that's left is to nail that much awaited date night. Smooch, smooch!
Traits: Cheesy, Sensitive and Focussed
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 2
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 3
Chic Geek
Hello Bookworms! Put the Hemingways and Dickens back on your shelf and let's get your Spring kick started on a lovely beauty note. Treat your nails to a plush pink nail paint that will keep you looking super voguish all season. Pretty nails, any day right?
Traits: Picky , Composed and Great Sense Of Humour
Hello Doll Face!
Beauty, beauty, beauty! If that's all you think about all day, all night , then you've come to the right place ladies. Get your hands on a super loud Orange lipstick this spring  and pucker up pretty ! Warning: This spring shade can quite addictive.
Traits: Beauty Bug, Experimental and Risk-taker
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 4
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 5
The Lazy Girl
Clueless on what to invest in this Spring? Well, fret not because we've got a fantastic pick for you to keep you beauty ready wherever you go! Keep your face fresh as a daisy with a mist that gives a rush of hydration. Beauty regimes can tend to sound too much of a push, but not anymore. Splash, splash!
Traits: Laid Back, Carefree and Loyal
The Boho Babe
Perfect for Spring, Summer and beyond, this precious body bronzer is just what you need to get that body looking super sexy all season! So go on and treat your body to a sensational honey hued glow. It's totally worth it!
Traits: Free Spirited and Lover of All Things Natural and Organic
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 6
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 7
The Tomboy
Sneakers over stilettoes? Yes, we heard you! If you've got your tomboy swag  with a pinch of beauty obsession here's your best bet.  A delicious lip gloss for them pouty lips. Just the right touch of girly elegance to go with your athletic persona. Say yay to blingy lips!
Traits: Sporty, Direct and Sociable
Glam Travelista
If you love living out of a suitcase then girl, you definitely CANNOT step out of your sweet humble abode without sunscreen. Now travel skin safe with this fantastic beauty shield. No more ugly tan patches. Dab, dab and voila!
Traits: Adventure Junkie, Easy Going and Friendly
Spring Summer picks for Every Woman! - 8
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