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Sridevi’s Timeless Beauty Secrets

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Known for holding all the aces, versatility isn’t her only trump card. Sridevi’s ageless beauty is nothing short of charming. Standing tall at 53, she gives every newcomer a run for their money. Catch her grace her screen in her latest release Mom to set the comparison. Or making a dash for her red carpet, press conference or airport appearances. Just as her roles, she’s the benchmark for every woman on the other side of 50. So, for our Time-Machine Edit, we’ve stalked the timeless sensation and present to you her six diverse beauty moves. Question is if you’re ready to shake things up?
Sridevis Timeless Beauty Secrets - 1
Three bold moves for someone in her 50s--tinted mane, poker straight locks, and a bold swipe of maroon lippie. The takeaway? No matter what your hair concern, advanced technology and countless customizable options available today, give you the leeway to experiment. Also notice how she works her pout and under does her eyes? Such a 2017 trend to pick up on.
Unlike the ’80s, contrasting hues is no longer a thing. Take a cue from the star who’s gone monotone with millennial pink. But chosen to play with textures – pastel with her eyeshadow, a sheer glaze on her apples and a satin-finished pout. Even her hair isn’t as propah as it was back in the day.
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It’s safe to say that braids aren’t going anywhere. Currently, the intricate fishtail has replaced the age-old twirl. And working it on traditional attire is always a safe bet. Sridevi also presses the right buttons with her metallic eyes. This season, anything with the slightest amount of sparkle earns you brownie points.
Soft curls have been a Sridevi patent even before beach waves came to be trend. She’s left this look to the minimal with a middle parting and subtle make-up, thus going to prove that we don’t always need a dash of boldness. Having done so brings out the colors of her vibrant sari, doesn’t it?
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Can’t take your eyes off her, can you? Whoever thought a lady in her 50s can’t pull off a metallic sheath suit, ought to get a rethink. The secret, however, lies in striking the right balance. She chose to tone it down with defined arches, black kohl rimming her waterlines and a pinkish nude eyeshadow and cream lipstick.
Ladies, if Sridevi can sport a smokey eye, so can you. Should you wish to ditch the professional approach, then master it in three easy steps. Underline your upper and lower lids with black or any colored eyeliner. And with a beauty blender, brush or earbud, smudge and expand. Finally define your waterlines and finish with mascara. As easy as that.
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