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Start Out Like A Pro With TS Makeup Brush Set

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Start Out Like A Pro With TS Makeup Brush Set - 1
Let’s face it, everyone has a guilty pleasure (or two). We get a good beauty kick out of makeup brushes. That smooth swirl of the soft bristles against your skin is an unmatched feeling. *sigh* Also, don’t they make you feel like the pro makeup artist you’re not? Of course, my skills are nowhere close to an expert but hey, a girl can dream.
If you’re just starting out, finding the right makeup brush kit can be very intimidating. Plus, with the plethora of quality options in the market, we don’t blame you. The solution, though, is actually quite easy: an all-in-one makeup kit that has all the brushes you need. Say hello to the new ‘kit’ on the block, TS Makeup’s Brush Set, which comes with a set of five brushes for your eyes, cheeks and lips. All the brushes in this kit are made with high quality material and are extremely easy to use. No wonder it’s approved by professionals.

For Your Eyes Only

Your eyes are going to thank you for picking up this kit, because it has not one, but THREE makeup brushes for your eyes: an Eyebrow Brush, Eye Shadow Blender and Eye Shadow Applicator.  The brow brush comes with a dual purpose — thick bristles to define your brows and a plastic side to remove any excess mascara or clumps from your lashes. The smaller tip of the applicator makes color application (especially on the crease and lids) more precise and pigmented, while the tapered tip of the blender softens and highlights your eye beautifully. Wave bye-bye to those novice-level eye makeup mistakes!

For The Perfect Pout Polish

Applying lipstick from the lipstick bullet is the easiest thing to do. The question is: do we really need a lip filler brush? Well, think of your lips as the canvas and the lip filler as the paint brush you need to create a work of art. And, by work of art we mean luscious, fuller-looking and perfectly-defined lips. The TS Lip Filler Brush comes with a soft, narrow tip that will glide the color on to your lips with smooth precision, getting pigment in all the nooks and creases along the way to prevent feathering. You can also use it to neatly blend the edges of the lip liner. Say hello to perfectly-lined lips.

For A Baby-soft Blend

If there’s one makeup rule we always swear by, it’s: if the base ain’t right, nothing is. This is why a powder brush is possibly the most important tool in the makeup kit. But, what makes TS Powder Brush the ultimate pick-me-up? Well, for one thing, there’s nothing worse than patchy, unevenly blended makeup, but this one’s soft, fluffy bristles are perfectly conducive to even application and gentle buffing, making sure your base sits comfortable and natural.  For another, its multi-purpose. Through our experiments, we’ve discovered that it not only works to set your foundation, but also to apply bronzer and contour. So, instead of an elaborate set of three brushes just for your base, all you need is a single versatile one - and this is it.
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