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Stay Firm With Nivea All Through Your Pregnancy

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Your pregnancy might not be complicated, but everything around you sure gets complicated. You can’t eat sushi, wear stilettos, get your daily dose of caffeine, pop a pill when you’ve got a nagging headache, paint your baby’s nursey… Argh, the list is endless. Let’s not even get started about the gazillion ‘free’ pieces of advice that’ll be offered when you least expect it. But the one that pricks you the most, also happens to pinch your pocket. The one where you’ve got to toss your daily skincare routine for safer alternatives.
Just the thought of it is scary and intimidating. Nivea helps you cut the clutter with its economical, all-encompassing, high-on-efficacy Q10 Firming Range, whose key ingredient, coenzyme Q10, fights free radicals. Two smart buys shoo away all your pregnancy woes. Even the nonconforming Meghan Markle swears by it. She makes you believe that pregnancy isn’t all stretch marks and dehydrated skin, right? Now that the cat’s out of the bag, scroll for deets.
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What: Nivea Q10 4 In 1 Firming Body Oil

The Goods: When you’re expecting the last thing you want on your mind is stress or the urge to experiment. Then it helps that your trusty brand lives up to its 4-in-1 claim to reduce stretch marks, nourish skin, even tone all the while firming your skin. The secret lies in its fast-absorbing formula with coenzyme Q10, Avocado oil, Cottonseed oil and Macadamia oil. Besides, it’s free from mineral oils and vitamin A making it pregnancy-approved. If you have an iota of doubt, we dare you to give this a go for two weeks. We’re confident it’s all you need to pacify your apprehensions.  
‘Gently’ massage it into your skin. Notice the emphasis on the word gently. And stay away from essential oils.  

What: Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion

The Goods: Should you want the formula to penetrate deeply in your skin, support your skin’s natural structure and stimulate cell production, opt for lotions. Unlike oils that primarily nourish your skin’s outer barriers and prevent moisture from leaving your skin. This body lotion is enriched with Coenzyme Q10, that works overtime to tighten and firm your skin. Feel free to continue using this wonder cream even after your pregnancy. Its skincare superpowers can be put to test even after your nine months are over. Some even work it as an anti-ageing savior.
Still confused? Add a few drops of the body oil in your moisturizer for optimal benefits.
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