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Stay Healthy With Dove’s Hair Care Range

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What if we told you all your hair woes could be solved in the shower? Sounds too good to be true, right? We thought so too when Dove challenged us by coming out with two hair care ranges: Healthy Ritual For Growing Hair and Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair. The former takes its inspiration from a ritual followed by Native American women that’s loaded with natural de-stressing ingredients like coneflower, coconut oil and white tea. While the latter range is inspired by Nordic women who’ve used oat milk and honey since they’re famous for its hair-strengthening properties.
Frankly, when you’ve got two ranges loaded with bodybuilding ingredients and age-old rituals, there’s no contesting its efficacy. So if you care to repair, you’re only one range and two steps away. Go on, take your pick.
When it comes to your locks, the struggle to not have your hair fall and break is real. Your diet, age, stress and genetics disgracefully put up a united front to undo every ounce of tender-lovin’ nourishment you’ve provided it thus far. But Dove’s Healthy Ritual specially created to stimulate hair growth is backed by a formula that reduced breakage, hair fall, enabling it to grow to its natural potential. Say brush, comb and tangle-tease as much as you’d like because this shampoo has you saying buh-bye to these juvenile worries.
Conditioning your hair every time you shampoo it most definitely eases out the detangling, process. While a good one packs in moisture and protein that nullifies frizz, dryness and lifelessness. But when it comes to hair growth, you ought to look out for Dove’s Healthy Ritual For Growing Hair Conditioner. Its formula smoothens out the hair surface, repairs damage, smoothens your locks, while its 2-way care treatment gives instant as well as long-term results. TBH, it’s a wonder how we went about life before conditioners.
It’s simple: weak, brittle hair are signs of malnourished hair. Our immediate reaction to which is hot-oil massages or as we like to call it tel maalish. Which actually is counterproductive making you lose your strands instead of strengthening them. Turn to less aggressive solutions, like Dove’s conditioner made exclusively to strengthen hair. It restores, nourishes and fortifies hair from root to tip. Its mantra is for you to stay soft, not fragile. Who concurs?
You know you have weak, brittle strands when you’re exceptionally mindful about the health of your hair, but nothing seems to work. Your modern lifestyle habits could be an indicator, although putting your finger on the exact cause can be inexplicable. The key lies in diagnosis. Once you’ve got that sorted, a few hair washes is all it takes to make you strands strong and silky in equal measure.
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