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Stay Healthy with Immunity Boosting Food

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Immunity boosting food

As we go about our daily lives, we constantly drift through a sea of pathogens. Now, we don’t mean to freak you out but probably there are a few lurking around you right now as you’re reading this.

So if turning into a coughing, sneezing mess doesn’t feature in your regular plans, ensure your diet is loaded with immune system booster foods. This is especially vital in the face of a global pandemic if you want to prepare your body to ward off invading bacteria and viruses.

Before we get into fine-tuning your diet with immunity foods, let’s first understand the immune system.

Immune System and its Role

The immune system is a network of organs, cells and proteins that fights infections. Think of it as the defense system of your body, armed and ready to save you from any harmful foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, parasites and more) that cause harm. Its main component includes white blood cells (WBCs) which is why consuming WBC increasing food can make your immune system better armed

Immune System Booster Foods

When it comes to protecting your immune system, what you eat plays a key role in deciding how well your body can respond to infections and diseases. So, here’s a lowdown on immunity boosting foods to get you started.

immunity foods- garlic

1. Garlic

Sure, Garlic is not kiss-friendly but this pungent bulb helps add more T cells to your immunity troop. This means more strength to destroy infected target cells. Also, thanks to its surfeit of antioxidants, Garlic strengthens your body’s natural defenses. Now doesn’t that make it worth putting up with the bad breath?

2. Blueberries

More than just a healthy convenient snack, these plump purple berries are anti-inflammatory vitamin bombs that protect your body against infections; plus, the flavonoids that lend the bright tinge help reduce cellular damage to boost immunity. You can have these juicy berries sprinkled in your morning yogurt or add a spoonful to smoothies.

foods that improve immunity- blueberries
immune system booster foods- ginger

3. Ginger

Remember being made to take Ginger shots as a kid whenever you suffer from sniffles? Well, that’s because as a disease-fighting powerhouse, this fragrant herb can help enhance the immune system thanks to its powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Oh and it also helps soothe an upset tummy. Win-win.

4. Green Tea

Some of you are already ahead on your daily dose of Matcha which is great. And why not? It harbors copious amounts of free radical scavengers, antioxidants, and trace elements that fight the bad-for-you-bugs with just a slurp. For the rest of you, this is a green flag to switch up your regular beverage.

immune booster drink- green tea
immunity power food- dark chocolate

5. Dark Chocolate

If there was any healthier alternative to your regular creamy bars with oodles of nutritional benefits, this would be it. Why? Because Cocoa contains phenolic compounds that can help build body resistance and protect you against cold and flu. So the more cocoa, the better!

6. Red Bell Pepper

This bright crispy-firm veggie can do it all: It’s loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and antioxidants to build a stronger immune system, while also maintaining healthier skin. And before you decide to swap and settle with its green or yellow cousins, remember it packs ten times more beta carotene which is known to boost immune function.

immune boosting vegetables- red bell peppers
immunity booster food for adults- mushrooms

7. Mushroom

Believe us when we say, you are just a fungus away from better health and immunity. Enter Mushrooms. These nutrient-dense bites are the unsung heroes of the immunity boosting army which can be attributed to the high levels of polysaccharides. The polysaccharides help improve immune modulation.

8. Yogurt

If you can keep your gut happy, the job is already half done. That’s because the balance and fitness of the gut flora influences the strength of the immune system. The humble dahi contains gut-friendly pre- and probiotics that can recharge your immune system. Opt for low-fat yogurt to reap the benefits without extra saturated fat.

food for immune system- yogurt
fruits that boost immunity- orange

9. Orange

Don’t reach out for that glass of Orange juice yet as it has lesser nutrients retained than the raw fruit does. The citrusy fruit is abundant in Vitamin C which is key for a healthy immune system. Other fruits that belong to the citrus family and serve as immunity power food include Grapefruits, Tangerine, Lemon and Lime.

10. Almond

The popular brain food serves as an immunity booster food for adults and kids since it’s packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants, iron and protein. This on-the-go healthy snacking choice is your best bet at building immunity. Have them raw or make your own trail mix and add a crunch to your daily diet.

foods that improve immunity- almonds
immunity booster food for adults-oysters

11. Oyster

Did you know consuming just two oysters can give you your daily amount of zinc? That’s perfect because zinc helps activate WBCs involved in immune response and shortens the recovery time. Apart from zinc, these buttery, gooey sea creatures pack an insane amount of protein, selenium, Vitamin B and healthy fats to keep you well.

12. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup brimming with Vitamins A and C, magnesium, phosphorus, gelatin and antioxidants can help clear nasal congestion and regulate the immune system. It helps prevent as well as recover from a fever. How? The copious amounts of protein in the chicken provide amino acids that help build antibodies to fight infection.

immunity boosting foods for kids and adults- chicken soup

Tips to Boost Immunity

  • Exercise and immunity are closely tied. The more you exercise, the easier it is to flush out pathogens and stay healthier. Besides, moderate exercise can reduce inflammation and promote a healthy turnover of immune cells.
  • Burdening your body and mind with too much stress will only weaken your body’s natural defense system. The key is to kick back and relax more—and we cannot stress that enough!
  • Swap the unhealthy foods or drinks in your diet with healthy alternatives. For example, substitute: ice cream with frozen yogurt, beer with wine, carbonated drinks with fruit juices, chips with popcorn and sweets with berries. The healthy substitutes have a better nutritional profile that agrees with improved immunity.
  • When you don’t drink enough water, the resulting dehydration hinders your body’s normal functioning. This could make you susceptible to illness. So have more fluids throughout the day and we don’t mean alcohol. That’s just a train back to the dehydration station and you know the rest.
  • Ah the pleasures of sugar sprinkled donuts and cookies! The very sugar that triggers diabetes and cardiovascular diseases thereby, suppressing your immune system. So, let’s lower the sugar intake shall we?
  • If you’re looking to drink your way to better immunity, you can opt for immune system booster drinks.
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  • To fill in any gaps in your nutrition and to keep your immunity system recharged, opt for dietary supplements to boost your overall immune health. Consult with your doctor before consuming supplements.
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1. What makes a person immune to certain diseases?

Lymphocytes in a person’s immune system manufactures antibodies to attack foreign pathogens. Once antibodies for a certain microbe has been produced in the body, your body cannot be affected by the same microbe again. That’s because the immune system possesses immunological memory so the cells can immediately recognize the microbe and launch a more intense immune response to instantly destroy it.

2. Which are the fruits that boost immunity?

Fruits that boost immunity include oranges, strawberries, tangerines, blackberries, cherries, goji berries, raspberries, lemons, limes, and clementine.

3. What are the natural immune booster drinks?

  • Strawberry and kiwi milkshake
  • Watermelon and mint juice
  • Ginger and honey shot
  • Green apple and orange juice
  • Lemon juice
  • Kale and honey juice

4. Suggest immunity boosting foods for kids.

Immunity boosting foods for kids include turmeric milk, citrus fruits, lemon tarts with blueberries, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, carrots, sweet potatoes, chicken soup, salmon, kale, tomatoes, yogurt and spinach.

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