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Stay Safe With Toilet Seat Sanitizers

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I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked, “Why do you overreact while using public toilets?’ Or ‘Why wait till you absolutely must go?’ And then comes the unsolicited advice, ‘Public toilets won’t really kill you!’ What I can’t understand is why don’t people see the simple truth that’s glaring right in front of them. Who can keep track of who has tinkled before us? Worse yet, where? Let’s not even begin to wonder how high their hygiene standards are. Frankly, the thought of exchanging body fluids with unknown persons is enough to give me the heebie jeebies. Eeks!

It comes as no surprise that toilet seats are the hotspots for germs. They merrily pass on every undesirable infection known to mankind, and some if left untreated can be fatal as well. These afflictions range from bloody diarrhea, boils and rashes, influenza to the deadlier Ebola virus and UTIs. Not that you’re spared at home either. For your germs could fester and thrive on unclean seats. And sometimes, cleaning your bathroom with acid or toilet cleaners everyday could make these bacteria even more resistant. So now tell me, do you really want to take the risk?

But we have to admit, the scenario seems like it’s a toss-up between the devil and the deep blue sea, right? Can’t go take a leak nor can you hold it in for too long (errr, hello UTI). That’s where toilet seat sanitizers come in. These alcohol-based sprays put an end to your misery by killing germs and harmful bacteria in a swipe. All you fellow germaphobes, it’s time to be out on the kill.

1. Soleme Toilet Seat Sanitizer

This easy to carry, compact spray bottle is a life-saver. It’s easy to use as well. Just spray on any toilet seat, even on the flush handles or doorknobs. Wait for 10 seconds till the liquid evaporates, killing all germs and you’re all set to pee safely. It kills 99.99% of all common viruses and safeguards you from UTIs and other bacterial infections. Hostel, airport, mall or movie hall, this spray is your best bet against germs. Best part? It’s happy on your pockets too.

2. Pee Safe Lavender Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Spiced with Lavender, this handy and effective spray combats germs and infections, while helping you survive the public restroom stench. Its nifty size makes it a breeze to pop into your bag as you head out the door. This dermatologically tested product hails from a reputed brand that guarantees a safe-to-use, no-side-effects solution. In fact, it even gives you the freedom on choice. For lavender isn’t their only scent. There’s mint and other florals scent for the taking as well.

3. Love Earth Toilet Seat Sanitizer With Peppermint

Scared of chemicals, bleaches and harmful parabens? This 100% herbal and handmade product is meant for you. Made with natural Lemon and Peppermint essential oils, alcohol and water, it’s safe and keeps the germs away. In a spray form, this one bottle may keep your intimate areas happy and infection-free in the most natural way possible. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Love Earth Toilet Seat Sanitizer is the way to go.

4. Dettol Spring Blossom Disinfectant Spray

Want to stick to the trustworthy names? Use Dettol’s disinfectant spray as a toilet seat sanitizer. It safely kills bacteria and common viruses, while leaving a sanitized, fragrant, clean surface behind. It’s safe on your skin and medicated to keep the impurities away. What’s more? You can use this product all over your bathroom surfaces, on your sink, flush, faucets and toilet paper holders. Also, just the fact that this hero is advocated by the Indian Medical Association is impressive, eh?

5. Namyaa Toilet Seat Sanitizer

Travelling to a different city or about to start a fun road-trip? Don’t let the fear of infections stop you. Keep this handy germ-killer close and you never have to think twice about using public restrooms. Small enough to pack into your handbag, it will clean and disinfect any restroom surface. It’s quick, handy, leaves no residue and is proven to have ZERO side-effects. It’s handy, and the 5-second sprayer can save your life!

Get ready to combat the horrid infections on toilet seats before you even pull your pants down. Pick your spray-weapon!

Five Reasons Why Toilet Seat Sanitizers Are A Must-Have:

1. Public restrooms are seldom sanitized, especially in India. Most lavatories are cleaned with cold water and detergent, that fail to kill germs and infection causing bacteria.

2. You can never be sure how often is a public restroom being cleaned. Or worse, you cannot control how many people use the toilet seat between two cleaning sessions.

3. Sanitizers are alcohol-based disinfectants. Therefore, they’re better than tissues or toilet seat covers that do not kill germs or keep you safe from them. In fact, many doctors believe that the absorption quality of toilet seat covers becomes the perfect place for bacteria to stick.

4. Sanitizers are fast and effective. They leave no harmful residue and kill germs instantly. You don’t have to wait for the seat to dry off for minutes, stuck in the stinking restrooms.

5. They are infused with fragrances and essential oils, making the whole experience way more bearable.

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