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Stay stubble smart like Varun in Badlapur

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Sriram Raghavan is back with his next action-thriller project, Badlapur, an Indian crime drama featuring Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam, Huma Qureshi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead roles. Despite being a tightly budgeted film, the film has emerged as one of the truly great films of 2015 and we’re happy to note that unlike what the trailers suggested, the film isn’t a violent, vengeful journey. It’s a black comedy with character drama and small doses of violence. National award winner Nawazuddin plays the role of an enemy-competitor while the voluptuous Huma Qureshi plays a prostitute. She says she took the part because she got the chance to work with her favorite director. Meanwhile Yami Gautam plays Varun Dhawan’s wife. Nawazuddin is in top form as the sleazy, film-obsessed baddie and full marks to great cameos from Raghavan regulars Ashwini Kalsekar, Vinay Pathak and Zakir Hussain.
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After working in three back-to-back love stories Varun Dhawan has stepped out of his comfort zone to play an action packed, macho role in this film. His look was revealed at the premier of reality-dance show Jhalak Dikhala Jaa. He plays the role of Raghu, a successful ad agency professional in Pune. The younger Raghu, a college student, falls in love with Misha (Yami Gautam) and marries her. They have a kid Robin. Incidentally, this will be the first time Varun plays a father on screen However, his life crashes when his wife and child are killed during a car hijacking.. Fast forward to fifteen years later, he’s a brooding man, set to take revenge on the people who hurt him and destroyed his family. To his credit Varun looks like a man possessed much like Shahid Kapoor did in Haider. The transformation is commendable for how different the before-after personas are. Obviously actors sporting two or more distinct looks—youth to rugged middle age--in one film is fast becoming a trend. Not surprisingly, the full bearded look has had many women go weak at the knees.
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The beard grooming special
Some recommend only having this done professionally. Others won't let anyone else get near their beards with scissors or trimmers. If you're going to trim your beard yourself, you'll need the right tools. You’ll have to decide whether to trim using scissors or a beard trimmer.
If you decide to trim primarily with scissors, consider purchasing a pair of professional barber's scissors. When considering beard trimmers, a rechargeable cordless model might be a good choice.
Make sure you have a good quality wide-toothed comb handy. Optionally, for the mustache you might want to buy a fine-toothed comb. Some specialty stores sell small mustache combs. A good-sized wall mirror is usually indispensible. You might also benefit from a magnifying mirror and possibly a three-way mirror.
NOTE Don’t trim a wet beard or moustache. Wet hair is heavier and tends to look longer. When it dries you might find you've trimmed too much. There, don’t say we didn’t warn you!
To start with comb through the beard and cut stray hairs that stick out from the sides of the comb. It will take some practice to perfect this technique. However, remember that it’s best to err on the side of caution and cut less than needed rather than too much
To help maintain a balance between the two sides of your face, you may find it useful to start near the ear on one side and trim down to the chin. Then repeat this on the other side.
Beard trimmers almost always come with an adjustable and removable trimming guide. By adjusting the position of the trimming guide, you can control how closely it will trim your beard. Refer to the instructions supplied with your trimmer. Until you've mastered the use of your trimmer, it’s best to adjust the guide for a longer beard length setting initially.
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Master the art of trimming your moustache
To trim your mustache, first comb it straight downwards. Then use either the beard trimmer or scissors. Start in the middle and first trim towards one side of your mouth, then towards the other. Normally, you should not shave or trim the top of the mustache. It usually looks best if you let it grow all the way up to your nose.
After you've trimmed your beard and mustache, now focus on maintaining its shape. Use the beard trimmer (after removing the adjustable trimming guide) to keep your beard’s neck line well-defined. Alternatively, you could carefully shave the lower portion of your neck to maintain the neck line of your beard.
NOTE Plucking hair is not recommended!
Just like the hair on your head, wash and shampoo your beard regularly. A mild shampoo is easier on your skin. Try using Sebamed Everyday Shampoo.
After shampooing, you may want to use a conditioner. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Failure to rinse sufficiently may result in flaking and itching. Since beard hair is so coarse, conditioners tend to be less effective on beard hair. However, a conditioner will definitely make your beard feel softer. You could use Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse or W2 Apple Conditioner.
Now gently pat and wipe your beard dry with a towel. Blow drying is not really necessary and could actually irritate skin.
Finally comb your beard and mustache with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles. Optionally, you can finish up by brushing through.
By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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