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Stop! Don't Shop: Every Inessential Spotted & Swapped

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basic makeup products
Walking down a beauty aisle leaves you in a daze? Look for a face cream and chances that you’ll also stumble upon an overwhelming array of serums, face oils, balms, hydrating gels. It’s that moment when you’re either a sell-out or you’ve seen through the ‘fetching’ deals (and bills). But on days you are stone broke (like the month of January that’s touted to be the Monday of all months a la millennials), you ought to find a happy medium. And before the shopping spree, you better identify what you straight out don’t need. All the stuff that’s overrated, pointless and spend-thrifty.

Here’s the lowdown on makeup essentials and the goods you can wave goodbye to.

toner isn’t a basic makeup product

1. Brush Off: Toner

First comes skincare. Which is no longer a one-step regime. Just after moisturizing comes toning, and right before applying makeup comes priming. Confused? You aren’t the only one.
Instead: Excuse yourself from this step as its soul purpose is to rid you of excess grime and tighten pores. Nothing a face wash or primer doesn’t do.

2. Brush Off: BB & CC Creams

Don’t you moisturize before concealing blemishes, anyway? And who indulges in a foundation that doesn’t match their skin tone? Unless you tan easy, don’t bother.
Instead: Foundation has smartened up over time and easily adapts, nourishes and even protects you from harsh sunlight.
bb or cc cream isn’t a basic makeup product
illuminator isn’t a makeup essential

3. Brush Off: Illuminators

For that lit-from-within glow, what’s stopping you from toning down your highlighter? Besides, with our humid climes, our skin gets oily and shiny in no time.
Instead: Glisten up with highlighters, bronzers or strobing creams by simply infusing some pigment in your cream or base formula.

4. Brush Off: Night Cream

Blame it on marketers, for your skin can’t tell a day cream from a night cream. It’ll restore, repair and replenish so long as you’re moisturized overnight.
Instead: If your face cream has all the goods (active ingredients, retinols, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins) you’re on the right track.
night cream isn’t a makeup essential
mascara primer isn’t a basic makeup item

5. Brush Off: Mascara Primer

Uhm, have you tried swiping out all the pigment from your lashes? Then you feel the pain. A mascara is more than self-sufficient. Thank you very much.
Instead: If you still need some pacifying, opt for a waterproof mascara. With one of those on, you can weather a storm.

6. Brush Off: Lip Plumpers

We hate to break it to you, but they rarely ever work. When they do, the tingling sensation lasts all of 10 minutes. And that’s not the worst part. Imagine starting from scratch each time you need an augment.
Instead: Slightly overdraw your pout with a lip pencil. Even a thin lip brush does the deed. Old habits die hard.
lip plumper isn’t a basic makeup item
eye primer isn’t a basic makeup item

7. Brush Off: Eye Primer

Ask yourself this: what does an ‘eye primer' do that a regular primer can’t? If like us, your answer is nothing, then why contemplate indulging at all?
Instead: Your face primer smoothens, boosts and helps your makeup last longer even when used on your eyes and lips. And just as well.

8. Brush Off: Sunscreens over 30 SPF

Look it up and you’ll realize that sunscreen with 30 SPF is known to block out 100 per cent UVA and UVB sunrays. What could possibly supersede such a claim?
Instead: Smear thyself with sunscreen at least four times in the day. Makeup containing SPF doesn’t cut it.
sunscreen over spf 30 isn’t a makeup essential
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