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Strand Essentials, Herbal Essences Bio: Renew Range

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Your hair is your crowning glory. Every girl knows that. So does Herbal Essences, which is why they’ve got a fabulous new Bio: Renew range packed with powerful yet natural ingredients like Antioxidants, Aloe and Sea Kelp, so your hair not only looks great but feels great too. The main building block of Bio: Renew is the antioxidant Histidine which traps, neutralizes and removes the build-up of free radicals that wreak havoc on hair thereby protecting it from daily damage caused by pollution, sun exposure and colouring. With intoxicating fragrances and back-to-nature, botanical concoctions, the brand promises to make your mane healthier and more luscious.
We tried all the ranges within the Bio: Renew range and trust us, those hair flips have never looked better.
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White Strawberry And Sweet Mint Range

If thin, flat hair is bringing you down, then this range infused with White Strawberry, delicate Jasmine and invigorating Mint is just for you. Having been passed on by the Japanese for centuries, White Strawberry also known as “Hatsukoi No Kaoir” or “The Scent Of Love” is a delicious rare fruit rich in antioxidant properties. This range has a shampoo and conditioner that work like magic to purify your hair and protect it against impurities leaving your locks clean, soft and super bouncy. Free from parabens and artificial colors, these products are literally all you need to add that much-needed character to your hair – simply work into hair, rinse and repeat, and you’re left with voluminous hair with fruity notes of the ingredients. We promise you won’t be able to get enough.

Argan Oil Range

When it’s hair damage you’re dealing with, you need to find the perfect products to help with the repair. And that’s where this range infused with Argan Oil comes into the picture. Argan Oil has been a must-have in every Moroccan household for generations. Derived from the fruit of the native Argan tree, the oil is exceptionally rich in natural vitamins and essential fats and has made its place in both the kitchen and the beauty space. Created with their signature blend of botanicals, the shampoo promises to make your hair shine brighter, feel repaired and free from frizz while the conditioner locks in that moisture smoothing and soothing your hair from root to tip all the while leaving behind notes of fizzy Citrus, exotic Spices and creamy Vanilla. And girls, it only gets better with every wash.
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Coconut Milk Range

From time immemorial, Coconut has been deemed the quintessential hair and skin savior. In Polynesia, the women attribute their hair’s incredible shine to the power of Coconut Milk combined with the Tiare Flower which gives hair sheen and strength. Herbal Essences uses this age-old magic ingredient in this range that does wonders to hydrate and protect hair. The Coconut Milk in the shampoo and conditioner infuses your hair with much needed moisture so that it’s less prone to damage and split ends leaving your hair more manageable, healthier and happier. From the first pop of the cap, you’re guaranteed to be transported to a multi-scentual experience replete with the intoxicating aromas of fresh Flowers and deep Vanilla. Simply lather, rinse and repeat regularly for the best hair you’ve ever had.
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