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Stuck Together: Primer-Infused Makeup Products Worth a Try

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primer makeup based products

We hate to break it to you, but the only reason your makeup sticks to you or by you is because of your primer. Without it, watch your makeup fade away in a couple of hours no matter how ingenious your skills. Think of it as the adhesive to your makeup that smoothens your skin’s texture and does the unimaginable by blurring open pores.

Why have we been resisting primers for eons, is the mystery. But with new-age makeup formulas stepping up, you don’t need to invest in a whole other product. Want to know why? Because now all their formulas are infused with priming properties. Ah-ha, you heard us. One product does the job of two.

Listed below are the site-wide hot sellers doing the rounds. Get your hands on them, pronto.

face primer and concealer makeup

1. In Your Concealer

Your concealer is the first layer of your makeup routine. If that layer tends to budge or transfer, you can imagine the damages it’ll do to the rest of your look. Your safest option? Snag one with priming benefits. Problem solved! These superheroes correct, conceal and cling like ivy. What’s not to like? Just remember to blend in the formula completely with your fingertips, and not your blender or brush.

Top Picks: MAKE UP FOR EVER Step1 Skin Equalizer PrimerRevolution Pro Correcting Primer in Radiant Peach, Anti-Redness Green and Radiant Cool Pink

2. In Your Base

You can’t do without your primer, nor can you do with the icky, cakey feeling it brings. Especially when you’re aiming for that sheer or dewy brilliance. Lightweight foundations that can prime ought to be a prerequisite. It slashes layers, puts the money where its mouth is and is pretty bang for the buck.

Top Picks: Deborah BB Cream 5In1 Foundation, Swiss Beauty Primer Mousse Foundation

primer makeup based foundation
best primer makeup lipstick

3. In Your Lipstick

Lipsticks these days either smudge in the first hour, or don’t leave your side for days. There’s no in-between, right? Wrong. When you invest in a lippie that boasts of priming properties, you get a formula that stays when you want it to and lasts when you need it to. Just like these hot finds.

Top Picks: Faces Canada Ultime Pro Hd Intense Matte Lips + Primer, Nicka K 24HR Lip Color & Primer

4. In Your Setting Spray

Don’t want your makeup to budge or transfer? Check. Don’t want your makeup to fade in a few hours? Check. Don’t want your makeup to ruin the texture of your skin? Check. Don’t want makeup to rule your life decisions? Check. One spray can sort you out with all your makeup issues. These primers-before-you-begin, and setting-sprays-after-you-finish your routine is just what the doctor ordered.

Top Picks: Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer & Setting Spray Peach Extract, Miss Claire Fixing Spray For Makeup Matte Finish – 01

face primer based setting spray
primer makeup nail polish

5. In Your Nail Polish

First there’s a base coat that acts as a priming layer. Then comes two layers of your actual varnish, dare you say no to a topcoat, and like it or not, you’ve got to wait a few minutes for your tips to dry. Well, the saga continues if you’re talking gel nails or extensions. Ugh! Now that’s why you bank upon nail polishes that double as primer. It’s saves you the time and gives you the leeway to paint on-the-go.

Top Picks: Lakme 9 To 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Color, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color

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