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Stunning Ideas For Black Hair With Highlights

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Highlights For Black Hair

There we said it: Black hair might look exotic but it doesn’t exactly spell fun; especially if you have sported dark tresses all your life. So, if you are in the mood to update your look, there’s nothing better than incorporating fun hues to create a dramatic contrast with your pitch-black strands. Want quirky? Meet pink. Want subtle? Meet brown. PS: Even the smallest change can transform your tresses.

So, get ready to spice up your jet-black locks with a dash of popping hue. Surely, the world of colors can be overwhelming which is why to save you the effort we’ve rounded up a list of options that work as best highlights for black hair.

Highlights For Black Hair

Black Hair With Blue Highlights

1. Black Hair With Blue Highlights

There’s something mermaid-esque about black and blue tresses. Blending blue highlights into a beautiful black base can add drama to your hair without overpowering it. This look is all about slightly lighter and brighter accents that add instant dimensions. Pro tip: Opt for a mix of aqua and royal blue shades and braid your hair to add dimension and depth to your hair.

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2. Black Hair With Red Highlights

Have a fling with fiery red highlights and watch them cut through your dark strands as sporadic glimmers when the sun hits ‘em. You have an array of shades to choose form – ginger red, cherry red, cool red and many more. The best part? This hair color shade looks gorgeous on all skin tones to give it a refreshing poppy twist. P.S. Don’t skimp on the shine serum if you really want the highlights to come through.

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Black Hair With Red Highlights
Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

3. Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

Blonde is a definite way to lighten up locks of dark haired beauties. When going blonde, choose a hue that is two shades lighter or darker than the natural base colour to make it look natural. You can browse through options like chestnut blonde, honey blonde, platinum blonde, blush blonde, etc. to zero in on the one that complements your skin tone. Need more to be convinced? Diffusing blonde hues through the lengths of hair would act as a halo of flattering glow around your face.

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4. Golden Highlights On Black Hair

Nothing spells elegance like golden. If too much gold is not your jam, you can opt for a cocktail of blonde and golden with subtle color graduation from roots to tips on your black hair. If you are looking for a timeless shade that doesn’t lean on funky, don’t think twice before dipping your strands in gold. Also, it is best suited for cool skin tones. To offset the hue beautifully, create tight curls. Love.

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Golden Highlights On Black Hair
Black Hair With Purple Highlights

5. Black Hair With Purple Highlights

Are you looking for a shade that holds a place of its own, taking pressure off from the need for any makeup? Meet the chic purple. You can go for amethyst, lilac, smokey or pastel purple to bring life to your dark tresses. Pro tip: To keep your highlights looking fresh, use a purple shampoo.

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6. Pink Highlights On Black Hair

Dusky skin toned ladies are in for some good news! The gorgeous pink has come to your rescue to keep you from sporting the same dark colored hair. Break the predictability with lush pink highlights and change things up by leaning on the vibrant scale. You can opt for pastel pink, soft pink or cotton candy. Vivid and intense, the pink hue packs a punch that holds a good dose of playful and rock chic.

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Pink Highlights On Black Hair
Green Highlights On Black Hair

7. Green Highlights On Black Hair

Zero to glam in a jiffy? Yes, please! An instant way to bring out your skin complexion, the stunning green gives your hairdo a whole new story. From lime green for fair skin tones to dark forest green for dusky skin tones, this color offers an array of shades. Bless your mane with sultry green undertones and watch your locks play peekaboo as the color reflects off light at the right places. When executed well, the rich hints of green can even make your eye color pop.

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8. Black Hair With Grey Highlights

Move over black, grey is here to stay. This grey color balances with your dark roots to add depth without going overboard on the shimmer factor. Don’t expect brighter bits; this look is perfect if you are looking for a bolder and lighter look. If you decide to take a plunge with this color that’s anything but safe be prepared to stir up a storm on social media. Pro tip: To keep the hue fresh and distinct, be generous with a good shine serum.

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Black Hair With Grey Highlights

FAQS On Black Hair With Highlights

1. Is it advisable to do highlights on own at home without professional help?

If this is your first time coloring hair, you should definitely consider a consultation with a professional hair stylist. An experienced professional will offer perspectives that will help you choose a color that actually flatters your complexion and looks good given your hair texture. Besides, professionals always do a strand test to check whether you are allergic to any product before moving ahead with the coloring exercise. This spares you from any potential damage to your hair.

2. What’s the difference between semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair color:

  • Due to absence of peroxide in this formula, it can only make your hair darker and not lighter. It also works towards improving the shine and texture of your hair.
  • The hair color is deposited on the outermost layer of hair and doesn’t penetrate deeply as a result of which it will last for maximum twelve hair washes only.
  • Opt for semi-permanent when you are not sure about how the color will look on you especially if you are trying something out-of-the-box and are on the fence about it.

Demi-Permanent hair color:

  • Demi-permanent does contain peroxide but in smaller amounts and thereby, can slightly lighten the hair.
  • It deposits the color a bit deeper unlike semi-permanent formula and thus, the results last longer, say upto 24 washes.

Permanent hair color:

  • As the name suggests, the color will last much longer compared to the other two formulas. It will slightly fade but its traces will remain until the colored strands grow out.
  • It can lighten upto 4 times as it doesn’t just deposit color superficially on the hair strands. However, it is advisable to not lighten any further as it could be damaging for the tresses.
  • Opt for permanent hair color if there’s grey or white hair you wish to conceal.

3. I had opted for burgundy highlights on black hair but am not pleased with the results. How long should I wait until I paint my hair with another color?

Everyone’s hair has a different texture and strength while being more or less prone to damage. It is advisable to wait for your colored hair to grow out and allow your tresses time to recover and regain their shine before you decide to color again. To ensure your hair is well conditioned and healthy enough to take on another session of hair color, treat your tresses to nourishing hair spa or hair masks. If you are unhappy with the color of your hair and are looking for an urgent change, talk to your stylist about color correcting options.

4. How long does it take to highlight hair?

Highlighting hair can take anywhere between 1 to .5 hours depending on the length, thickness of your hair and amount and placement of highlights. It also depends on how light you want to overall look to turn out because the lighter the expected result, the longer the wait. When you book appointments, anticipate and allow a buffer period of 30 minutes, just to be safe.

5. How to maintain highlights?

  • Since lightening hair can make it a bit brittle, ensure you treat your hair to strengthening and nourishing treatments.
  • Avoid oiling your hair a lot as it could interfere with viability of the colored strands.
  • As much as possible, keep away from strong styling products that could make your hair dry.
  • Limit washing your hair to 2 times a week if you want the color to stay longer.
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