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Stylish Hairstyles For Straight Hair

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Hairstyles For Straight Hair

If wearing your hair down is all you can think of, we can guess two things: You have been blessed with straight hair and you have not quite discovered the potential of your sleek mane. This also goes for women who have straightened their hair to get those straight, disciplined locks and are still sporting the same ol’ hair style.

The best part about straight hair is that you can easily tame it the way you like without even schlepping to the salon. So if you’re ready to live a little and go crazy with your hair, we will show you how.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Here’s a lowdown on the easy hairstyles for open straight hair that can be a definite game changer in your life.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair – High Rise Plait

1. High Rise Plait

Step 1: Firstly, prep your hair with Streax Professional Vitariche Gloss Hair Serum for added shine.

Step 2: Gather your hair at the crown into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Step 3: Separate your ponytail into two thick, even sections with the help of Filone Pin Tail Comb - W12 .

Step 4: Now holding one section, pull and cross it over the other section. Repeat this by now picking the other section.

Step 5: Continue doing this until you reach the end. Secure the braid with an elastic. Tug at the sections for a fuller look.

2. Protruding Pompadour

Step 1: Gather your hair at the crown into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.

Step 2: Now pull your ponytail to the front before your forehead and twist it along its length, the way you like to form a loose bun. The bun should basically fall over your forehead.

Step 3: Using bobby pins, secure the bun in place. Opt for TS Hairpin Waved Bob Pins, if you want this style to stand the test of time.

Step 4: Lastly, spritz the Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray For Texture And Volume to lock everything in.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair – Protruding Pompadour
Hairstyles For Straight Hair – Braided Pigtails

3. Braided Pigtails

Step 1: Divide your hair into sections and comb through your tresses with Vega Wooden Bristle Paddle Brush to get rid of any visible knots.

Step 2: Now, holding the left section in hand, loosely twist it along its length until you reach mid-length.

Step 3: From here on, start creating a French braid and tie it off at the end.

Step 4: Repeat the above step with the right section.

Step 5: Finish off with the Batiste Stylist Texture Me Texturizing Spray.

4. Cornrows

Step 1: To prevent frizz from ruining the end look, first prep your hair with an intense moisturizing serum like the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum.

Step 2: Using Alan Truman CB-10 Standard Rat Tail Carbon Comb, now create thin sections, as many as you can from side to side. Clip them all.

Step 3: Unclip the first section and starting from the hairline start braiding to create taut stitches. Stop this process when you reach the nape of your neck and secure with an elastic. Repeat this with every other section.

Step 4: Now, bring together all the sections at the back into a ponytail and secure with a hair tie.

Step 5: Take a section of hair and wrap it around the tie to elevate the look.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair – Cornrows
Hairstyles For Straight Hair – High Bun

5. High Bun

Step 1: Take a dollop of St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Serum and run it along the lengths of your hair

Step 2: Flip your head down and gather your hair on the crown to tie your highest ponytail yet.

Step 3: Holding the ponytail from its end, twist along the length.

Step 4: Next up, using one hand, pancake the root of the ponytail to keep it flat while you wrap your twisted ponytail around it with the other hand.

Step 5: Secure the ends with pins. Finish off with Roots Morocvita Argan Mist for a killer sleek finish.

6. Space Buns

Step 1: Prep your hair with Livon Shake & Spray Hair Serum.

Step 2: Part your hair in the middle and create two high ponytails. Fasten them with elastics.

Step 3: Twisting the length of one ponytail like a rope, wrap it around the base, mimicking a bun. Secure with an elastic.

Step 4: Repeat with the other ponytail. Tug at the bun to make it appear bigger.

Step 5: Set the double buns using a few quick spritzes of ENN The Fix- Style Enhancing Hair Milk Spray.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair – Space Bun
Hairstyles For Straight Hair – Tied Up Braids

7. Tied Up Braids

Step 1: Start off by creating four sections on crown from side to side. You can clip the sections with Bronson Professional Crocodile Hair Clips to hold them in place.

Step 2: Unclip a section and start creating a Dutch braid. Stop when you reach at the centre of the back of your head and secure it with an elastic.

Step 3: Repeat this with the other sections.

Step 4: Now gather all the braids and knot them at the back. Secure with a hair tie.

Step 5: To hold your artwork in place, finish off with Hair4Real Hair Spray.

8. Side Swooped Ponytail

Step 1: Sleek finish is key to nailing this look so start by applying Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum along the lengths of your hair.

Step 2: Now, straighten your hair in sections with an ironing tool.

Step 3: Gather all your hair at the top of your head and create a high ponytail. Fasten it with a hair tie.

Step 4: Swoop your ponytail to one side so as to fall over your shoulder.

Step 5: Ensure this style survives the day with the Batiste Stylist Smooth It Frizz Tamer Frizz Free.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair – Side Swooped Ponytail

Tips To Care For Straight Hair

Taking care of straight hair is not as easy as it seems. Read on to know if you’ve been doing your bit to keep your hair happy.

  • Straight hair is great to look at as long as it’s not punctuated by split ends. To prevent split ends from ruining how your hair falls, ensure you visit the salon for a regular trim. It’s advisable to get your hair trimmed at least once every 2-3 months depending on how quick your hair grows.
  • If you’ve straight hair, your scalp might be on the oily side which is why you need a dry shampoo to suck the oil and grime and keep your hair looking good through the week. It is recommended to reach out for a good dry shampoo between your showering sessions. P.S. Don’t replace your regular shampoo with the dry shampoo, the latter is just meant to be a mid-week affair.
  • Your conditioner may make your hair smell good and you would be tempted to squeeze in a little more so your date realizes it too. However, going overboard on the conditioner could weigh down your hair and make it oily quicker.
  • The frizz battle is more prevalent in curly hair but at times if your hair feels frizzy too, maybe your hair is lacking nourishment and could do with a good champi session with warm coconut oil. You can also apply dry oil on damp hair for a protective barrier.
  • Straight hair is usually delicate and fragile which is why it’s necessary to invest in a brush that doesn’t wrestle your hair. You can opt for a wide paddle brush for a smoother detangling process. Also, while we are at it, avoid brushing wet hair as it could cause hair to stretch and break. Now, we wouldn’t want that, right?
  • Lastly, don’t stress a lot and ensure your diet mainly consists of healthy foods with occasional indulgences. Make lentils, sprouts, fish, nuts, fruits and leafy greens a regular on your plate. This will reflect on the health of your hair and add to the lustre.
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