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Suitcase Must-Haves For Every Holiday Destination

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It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s talking about going on holiday. While planning your annual vacay is always exciting, it’s the packing that can really get you down. And invariably, you leave behind something that you most def can’t survive without on your trip. But worry not, we’ve broken things down for you, so you know just the beauty essentials to carry no matter what your destination.

Life’s A Beach

Whether you pick the quaint beaches off the coast of Barcelona or the tried-and-tested Goa sands closer home, you know you’re a beach bum through and through.
While lazing on golden-yellow beaches and basking in the sunshine sounds perfectly delightful, you know you’ve got to take care of your skin. ’Coz, honey, while that bronzed tan is simply to die for, nobody wants to be left burnt to a crisp. Go on, splash in those blue-blue seas to your heart’s content but when that mascara comes running down your pretty face, you know it’s not going to be a pretty sight. And while sea breeze is legit, it sure can get in the way of those beachy waves, can’t it?

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

When scaling every daunting peak and summiting the world’s highest peaks is your idea of a holiday, you’ve got a case of mountain fever on your hands.
You may have trained intensely for months on end, but nothing can prep your skin for the bitter cold of high altitudes. Sure, you’ll manage to hike all the way up the mountain but with chapped lips, dry skin and dandruff-ridden hair in those air-fisting, ecstatic photographs at the apex aren’t going to look as spectacular as you’d want them to. Turns out, looking and feeling your best on those mountain-tops is harder than actually hauling yourself up there.

Don’t Stop The Party

If visiting every night club, dancing till the wee hours of the morning and drinking your body weight is your perfect vacay, you know you’re a party animal.
Of course, this means you have to always look your best. What’s the point of burning up the dance floor and having all eyes on you if your hair and makeup aren’t on point? Every hair flick has to make ’em swoon and your face has got to be lit. You can’t be wearing those LBDs and showing off your long, lithe legs with fuzz on them now, can you? And once you’re pooped from all that partying, you’ve got to give yourself some TLC too.

Just A City Girl

From backpacking through the historic cities of Europe to spending the weekend staycationing in a fancy hotel in your own city, you can’t imagine any other kind of holiday.
But a day of sightseeing in the hustle and bustle, dust and pollution of a big city can really take a toll on your skin and hair. What’s more, you’ve still got to look your best for a night on the town with your girls. And even if you’re going to be Netflixing with BAE all day long in your hotel room, you know you’re going to take some time out to paint those pinkies, pamper yourself and take a dip in that big, glorious infinity pool.

Take A Hike

Whether you’re spending your holiday budget on a safari in Kabini or you’re trekking through the marshlands along the Indian coast, you’re a die-hard adventure junkie.
But when you’re traversing through precarious hiking trails in the scorching sun and when you’re camping by a toasty fire that only partly wards off those blood-sucking insects, you’ve got to be well-equipped. And while nestling in the midst of greenery after a gruelling trek may be your definition of ideal, you know you don’t always have access to a luxurious bath. And though you might be in the heart of nature, you still do have to respond to her calls out in the open. As long as you’ve got ways to stay clean and sanitary, you can hike away to glory.
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