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Super Hacks for a Super Mom

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Gone are the days when mothers where confined to smoky kitchens and their lives revolved around their families. A mother today is nothing short of a superhero, as she strives to be at the peak of her career without compromising on family time.
Here are some super hacks to become a super mom
The first and foremost trick is to learn how to strike the perfect balance between Mind – Body – Soul by exercising, eating right and spending quality time with loved ones. Here are some simple hacks to get you started.
Smartly Stocked Kitchen: Super Moms firmly believe in the adage ‘Out of sight is out of mind’. Instead of refusing ‘unhealthy treats’ to their children they ensure that their kitchen is always stocked with healthy snacking options like nuts, fruits, roasted snacks, dairy products and low fat crackers instead of two minute noodles, bhujia, chips, aerated drinks, microwave popcorns, pop tarts and other readymade desserts.
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They Swear by a Power Breakfast: They know that a healthy breakfast should include a proper combination of carbohydrates (bread, upma or idli) and protein (milk or eggs). They ensure their kids not only carry a healthy lunch but also have a hearty breakfast before starting their day. It not only keeps their energy and concentration intact, but also keeps them satiated along with keeping their waistline in check.
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Skipping Meal is a Sin: They know instinctively that they cannot afford to fall sick and hence skipping meals is never a good idea. They ensure that they carry on-the-go meal options like wraps or nutrition bars so that they do not miss main meals even when they are stretched for time thanks to hectic schedules. This helps to maintain their energy levels and immunity through the day.
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Focus on Anti-Aging: They work towards aging gracefully by ensuring that they get their daily dose of Antioxidants, Calcium, Vitamin C and B Complex vitamins. Their diet has an appropriate mix of colorful fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy and whole grains to keep their skin glowing, hair silky and health perfect. They may even supplement their diet with some other vitamins with the help of their nutritionist’s advice.
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Exercise is a Religion for Super Moms:  Despite their crazy schedules they make it a point to exercise for at least 60 minutes every day to maintain good muscle and bone mass. They adjust their workout routines around their kids’ schedules or accompany them to a sport or activity, exercising every chance they get.
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They are a Role Model for their Children: A child’s mind is like clay and can be molded during the early years. Children often emulate their parents and learn what they see their parents doing. Super moms try to be ideal role models for their children.
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They Know It’s Okay to Indulge Sometimes: They know that indulging from time to time is alright provided they exercise portion control and eat healthy most of the time. They believe in the power of balancing their restaurant meals with appropriate exercise and making the right food choices for the rest of the week.
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Unjunk the Junk: With kids going gung-ho on junk foods, supermoms try to come up with interesting recipes to tempt their children’s palettes by following various blogs and websites. They whip up tasty and healthy treats for their kids at home so that they aren’t tempted to eat street or junk food.
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