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Sweet Treat For Your Lips: Nykaa Lip Crush Lip Balm

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Lipsticks are great and all but honestly, nothing beats the cuteness of a lip balm. A twisty or a pot, tinted or transparent, flavoured or not – a lip balm doesn’t really leave the tiniest zip of our handbag, does it?
Speaking of which, Nykaa just dropped their most adorable range yet. We swear it was a complete aww fest here at the headquarters. Presenting our favorite macarons for life – the Nykaa Lip Crush Lip Balms. Enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E, what’s cuter that long-lasting moisturization packed in a tiny macaron? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

Presenting our top picks from Nykaa Lip Crush Lip Balm Range:

Nykaa’s Lip Crush Lip Balms - Blueberries

1. Gimme Some Blueberries

Lavender lovelies… meet your balmy friend. Think blueberry cheesecake every time you uncap this pot of purple (hydrating) pleasure. Move around with a mini blueberry blast in your pocket, we won’t tell anyone. Promise.

2. Mad Over Mint

Minty freshness is underrated and we’re totally up for bringing the magic of mint back into your life (and makeup kit). One swish of this beauty across your pout is just the right amount of pampering you need after a long day.  
Nykaa’s Lip Crush Lip Balms – Mint
Nykaa’s Lip Crush Lip Balms – Green Apple

3. Green Apple Of My Eye

A sucker for all kinds of fruity fragrances? Here’s your jam. This one’s ideal for all the health freaks out there, the ones who’d rather bite into an apple than munch on a bag of wafers. Eat (and lick) your greens is clearly the idea here.

4. One In A Lemon

When life gives you lemons, turn them into a pot of citrusy goodness. A zesty fragrance that can brighten a dull day in a jiffy, this stands only second to sucking on a lemon wedge for a sudden bout of zing. #LimeLips101
Nykaa’s Lip Crush Lip Balms – Lemon
Nykaa’s Lip Crush Lip Balms – Chocolate

5. Death By Chocolate

The buzz around exotic ingredients is fine but chocolate is bae okay. As an unapologetic chocoholic, this brown macaron is the closest we get to a personal, portable patisserie. Talk about comforting, guilt-free indulgences.

6. So Very Strawberry

When strawberry milkshake becomes a repeat order in your hangout place (read second home), know that your berry fascination has levelled up. Want something that satiates your strawberry craving 24*7? We’ve got you covered.
Nykaa’s Lip Crush Lip Balms – Strawberry
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