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Talon Treats With The Nykaa Nail Care Range

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Breath-taking nails need more than color and it’s time you took note of that. A prized nail kitty isn’t just made of a tempting array of shades and textures because what good are perfectly-painted nails if they aren’t strong enough.
For the very first time in history, a range specifically designed for some nail TLC. Presenting, the Nykaa Nail Care Range where innovative technology meets pristine nails.
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Nykaa Nail Care - 7-in-1 Nail Spa

Embarrassed by weak, bitten, or thin nails? Enriched with actives, this miraculous formula will take you a step closer to stronger, smoother and shinier nails. While Acetyl-Methionine add to the natural Keratin of your nails, Amino Acids stimulate the growth and Vitamin E hydrates the nail bed. C’mon woman, your nails deserve a spa sesh too!

Nykaa Going Strong Calcium Milk

And you thought only your body needed Calcium, eh? This tiny bottle has all the Protein that your brittle nails need. A shield made of an advanced balance of natural ingredients and a Unique Strengthening Complex which reinforces Keratin from root to tip, this Calcium Milk is the superfood Nail Gods have been singing songs about.
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Nykaa Rock Hard Nail Hardener

Given up the hope of flaunting unchipped nails in this lifetime? Here’s your knight in shining armour. Bid adieu to fragile, unhealthy nails and say hola to fabulously strong nails. Infused with Patented Hexanal, a clinically tested aldehyde that significantly improves the nail condition and UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing.

Nykaa Double Duty 2-IN-1 Nail Coat

Move over the idea of two separate bottles for your base coat and top coat. Meet Nykaa’s multitasking master. This beauty does double shifts - use it as a base coat to make your manicure last longer or use it as a top coat to give a fabulous finishing touch. Also boasts of a unique two-fold plasticizer which prevents chipping and ensures high-gloss endurance.
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Nykaa Nail Potion Nail Strengthener

Time to up the defence game of your manicure. Regular coats of this strengthening formula are all you need to kiss a goodbye to breakable pinkies. Rich in Pistacia Resin that thickens nails and a break-through patented IN-KERATEX that restores the lost Keratin of your nails, brittle, unflattering fingernails can now be a thing of the past.

Nykaa Matte Power Matte Top Coat

Got a favorite shade that’s glossy? And you’re a matte fanatic, of course! Stop fretting ’cause we’re sharing our in-house magician with all you lovelies. Give a matte makeover to any glossy nail paint with this instant mattifying protective top coat. A magical, fast-drying matte transformation that’ll leave your jaw on the floor.
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Nykaa Shine On Top Coat

What’s a girl gotta do for nails that shine like diamonds? Turns out not much. One generous swipe of this charmer is all you need to give nails a high-gloss finish in one hot minute. Not only does it extend the life of your manicure, but it also leaves behind an impeccable shine that’ll make your girlies go green with envy. Ahaa!

Nykaa Bright Side Nail Coat

Leave sad, shabby-looking nails in the past and step into the brighter side of life. Just how your trusted concealer camouflages skin imperfections, this bottled wonder conceals yellowing or stained talons like no other. Porcelain Flower Extract heals damaged pinkies while Lime Tree extract and Vitamin E fortifies the repair.
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Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler

Ridges ruining your perfect manicure? Say hello to the Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler. A unique formula that features a novel high efficiency ridge-filling agent and extraordinary Surface Beauty Actives that cement the Keratin cells together. Also making an appearance here are Moringa Oil and Quartz Crystals that boost regeneration.
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