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Tame That Mane with Dove and TRESemmé

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Every woman can make heads turn after a shampoo…and we don’t necessarily mean in a good way. Sporting a beehive of misbehaving hair after a wash is all too common thanks to all this ambient humidity.  We toootally blame it on the weather —the monsoon may have been much-awaited, but all that rain and cloudy skies aren’t really compatible with your hair. But, we’re not here to scare you. We have an effective solution for all your hair woes. Say hello to Dove and TRESemmé’s anti-frizz and climate control range of shampoos and conditioners. Best of all, these inexpensive options pack a punch so don’t go reaching for those pricey frizz control serums because the battle against beehives starts with the right shampoo.
Ditch that unwanted volume and give these miracle workers a try. 
Stay Frizz-free with Dove
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For Growing Hair
You know when frizz comes calling, there’s absolutely no point of styling your hair. No curling iron or straightener will fight that battle for you. You need to cleanse your hair just right to keep it in check. Thank god for Dove’s Healthy Ritual For Growing Hair range. Infused with Coneflower, Oil and White Tea, the anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner will fix damaged hair and prevent breakage. We know what your next question is — does this suit my hair type? Oh yes, it does — it works wonders on all hair types.
For Strengthening Hair
If you have thin, fine hair, chances are that the rains will only make it worse, flattening it out. In this case, you definitely need products that will strengthen your hair effectively. And, we aren’t talking about tablets. Dove has you covered with their Healthy Ritual For Strengthening Hair range. Both the shampoo and conditioner from this range are packed with two A-grade ingredients — Oat Milk and Honey. The ingredients will keep frizz at bay and tackle dryness. Did we mention that they smell like a dream too? You’re going to get hair that looks great, feels great and smells great too.
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No More Concerns with TRESemmé
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TRESemmé Climate Control
If we could wish for one thing, it would be salon-styled hair all day, everyday. Unfortunately, this will not just burn a hole in your pocket, but this humidity will play mischief the minute you step out of your home. You’ve got to try the TRESemmé’s Climate Protection Shampoo and Conditioner, that has been created with Climate Control Complex. Keratin, Olive Oil and UV Blocker will work against humidity for 24 hours, control frizz, repair existing strands and prevent further damage to hair cells. That’s not it! The duo will also keep your hair fall in check for days to come. Whatever your hair concern might be, TRESemmé has you covered.
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