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are tampons better than pads
For some reason many of us—hold your horses, not all of us, just some of us—still treat our periods as though they’re some sort of shameful secret. From Aunt Flo and Strawberry Week to Code Red and Bloody Mary, period slang (and behaviors) abound. Sneakily slipping sanitary pads up our sleeves on the way to the loo or newspaper wrapping a pack of pads at the chemist, our relationship is strained at best. But, the only way really to eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation is to just talk about it, openly and frankly. So, let’s talk about two monthly reliables, tampons and pads and the truth behind these sanitary essentials. May the floodgates open. 


1. Panty rashes? Um, yeah you can forget about that ever happening to you if you’re on Team Tampon. Huge relief according us.  
2. They can be worn with any outfit (and that includes your swimsuit). No more canning your weekend pool parties or hiding behind voluminous skirts.
3. If you have colleagues waiting in line to use the restroom after you, they’re not going to know you’re putting on a tampon. No worrying about those krrrrrrr sound effects as you unravel your pad. Now, we can ALL relate to that. Hah!
4. These fellows don’t make you overly conscious about your flow. Oh, and despite wearing your tampon for too long (which is a complete no-no btw), you still don’t experience that foul smell that you certainly want to avoid.
5. Using tampons allows you to avoid any tension of leakage, especially if you have a particularly heavy flow because these lifesavers hold more fluid than menstrual pads.
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1. The chances of getting your underwear stained are less frequent. Disagree already? Well here’s a simple reason why. Pads usually cover more surface area so you're likely to avoid any evidence of a bloodshed that you don’t want the world to witness.  2. They are the safest choice to lean on right before you hit the sack. The chances of you waking up with a tiny stain are high depending on one’s flow, but you’d rather wake up with a red swatch on your bed sheet than a UTI that a tampon left in for too long could cause.
3. For those who often shy away from pushing something up their vagina, pads are way more comfortable and less risky, and obviously easier to dispose of.
4. Using a pad allows your vagina to experience a natural cleaning process which is better for your body. Also, zero chances of experiencing TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) that can cause fever, rashes, low blood pressure and skin peeling.
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At the end of the day, it’s clear that it’s close to impossible for us to pick which works best for you, because everyone has different needs and preferences. So, since there isn’t a clear winner here, we’re going to leave it to you to pick what suits you best and we’re pretty sure you'll make a bloody good decision! As for us, we’ve discovered, a combination of both, depending on flow, works best for taking care of our monthly friend.
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