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TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes

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Bridal finery and makeup soap style.
TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes - 1
Prime time remote control junkies like nothing better than wedding extravaganzas. We all know television ratings zoom to unbelievable highs when episodes featuring weddingsare aired on the small screen. If marriages are made in heaven, Indians absolutely adore seeing them being celebrated on TV.  Marriages also offer the ideal opportunity to show off bridal finery, costumes, accessories and opulent jewelry. Read on for some of the most stunning television brideswe've set eyes on yet.
The standards for bridal beauty vary widely across the country. From blingy over-the-top North-Indian brides and sweet and coy Bengali newlyweds to traditionally sparkling South-Indian brides and ethnically stunning Gujarati ones each and every woman looksgorgeous on her special day. Television Serial brides are no less! They are as immaculately turned out as any real-life bride with designer wedding attire, professional make-up and doting relatives in tow.
Let's check out the wedding look for four television brides who look as astonishing in real life as they do onscreen.
Chhanchhan from the serial Chhanchhan that airs on Sony TV gets married to her Mr. Right Manav. As a bride Chhanchhan looks breathtakingly beautiful. In her red and green traditional lehengaand traditional polki jewelry, she is the cynosure of all eyes. Her makeup is soft and fresh, just like what any young girl should opt for on her big day. The makeup is not heavy at all; no thick foundation or over-the-top smoky eyes and bold red lips. In fact, Chhanchhan's dewy fresh look is a welcome bridal look that many young brides should emulate.
TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes - 2
Makeover like Chhanchhan
Eyes: A neutral pink eye shadow dusted all over lids and golden bronze in the crease to define the shape. Well defined eyeliner and fake lashescan complete the look perfectly.
Face: A medium coverage foundation and translucent powder to set it. Cheeks highlighted with gold shimmer dust and soft pink blush.
Lips: A muted pink lip pencil lined and filled over lips. Follow up with lipstick in the same color.
TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes - 3
The cute-as-a-button Gunjan from SapneSuhaneLadakpanKe which airs on Zee TV got married to Mayankin a function wrought with melodrama. Gunjanlooked like a simple traditional bride, elegant and radiant in a lehengathat was pretty without being over-the-top. There is something so appealing about her simplicity. Gunjan too opted for a soft make-up look on ‘The Day’ rather than the traditional bright, bold and over-the-top favored by many others. Gold was a recurrent theme in her look.
Makeover like Gunjan
Eyes: A golden eye shadow all over lid and brown in the crease to give depth to your peepers. Black gel liner applied and smudged softly followed by lots of mascara.
Face: Apply foundation matching your skin-tone and conceal all blemishes with a concealer to create a flawless base. Apply a peach blush with golden shimmer in the hollow of cheek bone and highlight the cheek bones very lightly with a champagne colored highlighter. Groom eyebrows and define with a dark brown brow pencil.
Lips: She wears a frosty mauve-pink lipstick that plumps up her thin lips. You may also apply a clear gloss to make your pout appear more plump and sensuous.
Our favorite girl from TV serial MadhubalaEkIshqEkJunoon also turned out to be a sensational bride, a surprising transformation from her usual girl-next-door image. Her heavily gold-embroidered multicolored designer lehenga was a head-turner. The make-up was flawless and radiant.
TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes - 4
Makeover like Madhubala
Eyes:Her eye makeup was foolproof, much more traditional and rooted in Indian culture than the other brides we saw. Use abronze eye-shadow all over lids and taupe brown in the crease to blend sharp edges and add definition. Highlight the brow bone with pure white gold eye shadow and finish up with lots of kohl in the waterline. Thick eyeliner will also do the trick. Finish up with fake lashes and mascara.
Face:Perfect flawless skinis a prerequisite for a well finishedlook.Therefore, begin with a matte effect liquid foundation with good coverage. Blend nicely and use a concealer if required on under-eye circles. Finish up with a dusting of powder. Apply a coral pink blush on the cheeks and highlight your cheek bones with gold highlighter to add that dewy radiant bridal glow.
Lips: She goes bold with her lip color. A berry pink shade will do the trick. Line your lips and fill in with the same lip pencil so that the lipstick lasts longer. Now apply a berry pink lipstick. You can add a touch of golden shimmer lip gloss on the middle of upper and bottom lips to add volume and plumpness.
TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes - 5
Our fourth bride is mesmerizing beauty Zoya from TV serial QuboolHai… aired on Zee TV. Her sharp features are accentuated beautifully with Pakistani style make-up. The difference is only in the use of extra-coverage foundation, smoky eyes and orange lips. Our Muslim bride Zoya looks as stunning as ever. The vintage-style jewelry adds glory and royalty to her look.
Makeover like Zoya
Eyes: A bit different from traditional Hindu brides, Zoya sports an olive green-gold smoky eye which is the prime focus of the look. I would love to sport this make-up for any wedding function. Apply an olive green eye shadow with your index finger all over the lid. Blend a gold eye shadow in the inner corner and tear duct area of the eyes. Use a matte black/dark brown eye shadow in the crease and outer corner and blend in with olive green. Remember not to go overboard. Just add little step by step till you are happy with the smoky effect. Make your lashes fuller with fake lashes or lengthening mascara. Also remember to define your eyebrows.
Face: You really have to take care of your base make-up in this look. It should be flawless, radiant and long-lasting. Ideally, use a cream-based foundation for a powdery finish. Apply and blend it evenly all over face and neck. Apply till you get a flawless even skin tone. Remember to cover your blemishes and scars properly. Set with translucent powder. To get blushing cheeks like Zoya's apply a coral pink blush in the hollow of your cheeks and very lightly dust a golden highlighter on the cheek bone and brow bone.
Lips: Apply a coral lip pencil and matte coral lipstick. Fair skinned beauties can also sport brighter orange lips like Zoya!
TV brides win the beauty sweepstakes - 6
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