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If we're talking about hair color trends, nothing is ever really out. This massive beauty category is constantly on the move. That being said, there is still room for error that you could possibly make when it comes to this nail biting decision. If you’re looking to color your hair in the near future, you’re in luck. We spoke to hair expert Teresa Chen to get you all the deets. Here’s Chen addressing the hottest questions when it comes to allergies, precautions and eyebrow shades.

Beauty Book: What are the basic precautions I should follow while coloring my hair?

Chen: There are some basic rules you should be following while dying your strands. Read the instructions on the manufacturer’s leaflet carefully and don’t leave the dye for longer than needed. Rinse your scalp thoroughly after using it till the water runs clear. You should also use gloves while applying color and never mix different dye products from different brands. That’s a big no no

Beauty Book: How can I tell if I am allergic to a hair color?

Chen: Before using a hair color product for the first time, always make sure you conduct a patch test to rule out the chances for any allergic reactions. If you are at a salon, request your hairdresser to do the same. She will apply a dab of dye behind your ear and ask you not to wash it off for two days. If you have no allergic reaction like itching, burning or redness at the test spot, you're good to go. Having said that, if you do happen to be allergic to a certain brand, chances are that you may not be allergic to the others. But to be on the safer side, I still suggest you do a quick test if you happen to shift brands.

Beauty Book: I want to change the color of my eyebrows and lashes. Can I use my hair dye on them?

Chen: It is highly inadvisable to use the same dye on your eyebrows or eyelashes. An allergic reaction could cause swelling, itching, inflammation and the risk of infection around or in your eyes. Spilling hair dye in your eyes could even lead to permanent blindness. So, that's a strong no

Beauty Book: When should hair not be colored?

Chen: Well, coloring over-processed hair can make the hair quality worse. Over coating hair with product makes it rough and brittle, causing it to break easily and leading to split ends. So, I highly suggest you consult your hairdresser before you color treated hair. Also, applying color to your scalp that is inflamed, itchy or flaky can worsen the problem, leading to hair fall and allergies.

Beauty Book: Is it safe to color your hair during pregnancy?

Chen: While the chances of chemicals getting absorbed via the scalp during coloring are minimal, it’s best not to take the chance and avoid getting your hair colored until the baby is born and you have stopped breastfeeding.

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