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The 2019 Beauty Horoscope Fresh Off The Runway

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Aside from attempting to stick by our January resolutions, there’s two other traditions we unanimously follow by the year. To let the eerie yet mystical teachings of astrology guide us, and to keep pace with the trend forecast as seen on 2019 runway shows. This year, our tarot reader matches fresh off the runway’s beauty fads with your zodiac sign. And, you may or may not believe everything that’s written in your stars. But we’ll definitely urge you to give our beauty horoscope a go. Our predations pigeon holes your traits and has you living up to your zodiac sign. Go on, take a chance on our soothsaying skills and see for yourself.

Read on to know your beauty horoscope and zodiac sign makeup:


    Traits: Leader, energetic, courageous, proud and spontaneous
    Prediction: Born to lead, you don’t look for validation to pull any stunt off. And your independence and confidence are part of the charm. And so, Arian women would do full justice to the power pout that’s continuing to rule the runway. Escada and Hellessey highlighted bold red lips with stark or smudged lines with a bare face. Which translates to no brow, eye or cheek highlights. Not even mascara’s understatement. You also happen to live on challenges, don’t you?

    Traits: Loyal, reliable, sensual, ambitious
    and indulgent
    Prediction: You catch the fine print. And usually dote on classics. Not because experimenting doesn’t come easy, but because it’s drenched in luxury. Then you up it with softer, romantic touches. Just like Nonie’s 2019 pinned-pony look. This zodiac makeup look brings back hairpins as an accessory and gives the otherwise minimalistic ponytail a graceful femininity. All that, while keeping things simple and practical, just as you’d have it.

    Traits: Clever, imaginative, impulsive, and life of the party
    Prediction: As a master of communication, makeup lets you express all that you’d like to say. Runway’s lite-brite neon trend is the perfect zodiac makeup look to your ever-changing mood, letting you be the life of the party. As an air sign, everything about you is quick. And Fyodor Golan, Byblos, Cividin, Genny and Anna Sui’s lighting flashes across your face ought to stimulate your imagination this coming year.

    Traits: Nurturing, dependable, loyal, intuitive and moody
    Prediction: With your calm and caring disposition, along with the fact that you’re naturally blessed with baby skin automatically puts you on a pedestal. Your flighty mood swings though, set you back. Your astrology makeup means you should go with the mellow yellow makeup trend that’s brought cheer to the runway. And the canary tone seems to be a favorite among the likes of Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui and Mansur Gavriel. Even your strong sense of intuition would agree.
  • LEO

    Traits: Ambitious, extravagant, loyal, fun-loving and confident
    Prediction: Ruled by streaks of spontaneity, vivacity and royalty; you know how to make an entrance. Lead the pack with this horoscope makeup- glitter and foil finishes by dusting it across your lids or glazing it on your lips a la Jeremy Scott, Kate Spade, Tadashi Shoji and Versace. Remember that your child-like glee in everything creative is the secret of your success. Play around with colourful gradients. And if you’d like, turn up the drama as Valentino’s crystal detailing.

    Traits: Precise, reliable, practical, and energetic, industrious
    Prediction: With your tendency to stay up-to-date with the latest couture trends, Self Portraits’ floating lip liner would’ve definitely caught your attention. And since precision is thy middle name, mastering this ‘less is more’ pout is basic for your zodiac makeup. You also radiate beauty by living and eating right, so a clean face balances this subtle, sophisticated look that doesn’t come off as showy.

    Traits: Seductive, diplomatic, social, balanced and elegant
    Prediction: As the girl about town, chances are that you’ve been to every night club. Your horoscope makeup comes with a price that your classy, refined taste doesn’t cut corners on. Nor should you. This season’s cobalt blue eye seen on Tadashi Shoji, Paul Costelloe, Marques Almeida and Gabriela Hearst hits the right spot with its sophisticated minimalism. Which in return panders to the yang, rather lazy side of your persona. Win win.

    Traits: Dynamic, intense, passionate, fierce and resourceful
    Prediction: You dwell in mystery. And nobody can touch you with a barge pole, especially if they’ve rubbed you the wrong way. Your passion can be dangerous but that’s what makes you irresistible. Embrace your inner femme fatal with this astrology makeup look-a fierce purple pout. Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Marta Jakubowski and Richard Quinn’s 2019 runway shows set the ramp on fire. And take a cue from Giorgio Armani to tone it down with a glossy glaze and lilac eyeshadow.

    Traits: Independent, adventurous, flirtatious, athletic and direct
    Prediction: Your outrageous sense of style is unique to you. And you dig that. So, your beauty horoscope is that the nothing-natural-about-it hair strand fad won’t be a passing fancy. Weave it in a braid, as Lanyu did, for when you’re at your sporty best. Team it under your messy knotted pony like Alice + Olivia, while taking flight on your many adventures. Or flaunt it like The Blonds at nights out to expose that flirty Miss Sagittarius side.

    Traits: Ambitious, organized, responsible, competitive and determined
    Prediction: While you’re busy dominating the world, it leaves you with little to no time for life’s small pleasures. Thus, befriending every utilitarian fad in town without meddling with your confidence or class. Much like the never-out-of-season, functional braids that’ve gotten an ingenious makeover on Paco Rabanne, Prabal Gurung, Max Mara, Stella Jean, Bora Aksu 2019 shows. From thick to thin strands, weaving in jewelry to stoles, or going all out with cornrows – no two braids looked the same.

    Traits: Clever, logical, original, charitable
    and scientific
    Prediction: If it qualifies as a trend, it doesn’t make it on your look book. As the Rebellious Miss Aquarius, you even have beauty experiments down to a science. Like this season’s golden eye look. The smokey shadow is passé. Kate Spade sprinkled glitter in center of your eye, Ulla Johnson did it with foil, Adeam kept it iridescent, Kim Shui went for a monotone, while Monse extended the lash line. Fact that the trendsetters don’t tell you how to do it, panders to your idiosyncrasy.

    Traits: Sensitive, compassionate, dreamer, artistic and imaginative
    Prediction: As the dreamer of the zodiac, falling in love is serious business for you. Designers Rodarte, Savage X Fenty, Mansur Gavriel’s floral hair accents have found creative ways to woo romantics. And usually adorning flowers is half their battle won, but how you flaunt it this season is also vital. Invariably giving in to the artistic and imaginative side of your persona. Be it one major statement or many tiny elements – it’s your chance to turn your dreams into reality.
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