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The After-Care Manual for Gel Nails

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Greetings to all you pretty, nail-art-addicted souls. Welcome to nail rehab, your one-stop shop for all the possible information related to gel nail-affected soothing strategies. What are your waiting for? Sign up, already!
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Oil it, before you spoil it
Repairing your nail-bed is of critical importance. Opt for a Vitamin-E rich formula that will render your nails tough to take on and heal them in the same process. Begin by massaging a targeted cuticle oil all over the bed and tips of your nails.
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Keep calm and moisturize
An additional level of moisture never hurt. A water-based formulation is definitely NOT going to cut it as your nails need more than a native recovery. A salve-like concoction has to be your new best friend. Repeat application at least four to five times daily.
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Treat you fingures to some 'Glove Love'
Right after you complete your daily nail-care session, remove the temptation to fuss further over your nails by slipping your hands in the supreme comfort of moisture-locking gloves. All you need to do is invest in the right pair!
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Put a mask on it
…Because your nails need some much-deserved beauty sleep to. An over-night nail mask not only protects your dainty fingers but also revitalizes and thoroughly nourishes your nails. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to amazingly rejuvenated pinkies?
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Give your nails a well-deserved chill-pill
Yes, we feel extreme affection for Kardashian-esque beautiful manicures and pedicures. But there are times when you shouldn’t let your nails near even a single stroke of nail color. Cut them short in order to avoid breakage post removal of gel or acrylic, let them breathe a bit and then notice the difference for yourself!
Buff, buff pass!
As and when your nails feel less sensitive, buff them up with a gritty nail-buffer and use your go-to oil/moisturizer to reduce the dryness caused due to the buffing. The oil/moisturizer serves as a protective layer and the buffing will definitely pave your way to bright and shiny nails.
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Eat your way to healthy nails
Ditch those delicious chunky chips and snack on healthy, crunchy munchies that provide ample of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Double up your fruit and leafy vegetable intake and let Mama Nature work her magic!
Comment below and let us know which nail care tips worked best for your precious pinkies!
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