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The Best Dark-Hued Lipsticks to Hoard Right Now

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If you’ve always been afraid to get with the dark-lip fad, stop and scroll! We get it, you’re a vampy virgin and those deep pigments can be a tad bit intimidating. But when every long-legged celeb is flaunting the wine-stained craze, don’t you feel a stabbing FOMO? Our advice: it’s time to call on your inner diva and channel that goth-goddess vibe. So, here’s how you pull it off. 1 - Choose from our all-star line-up, 2 - Be transported to the other side. Ready to cross on over? Warning: there’s no turning back now…

Here are the stunning dark lipstick shades:

Unorthodox Brown
Nineties-nostalgia is a thing. Don’t believe us – look around. Everyone from Kendall to Shay Mitchell is prancing around in brown. If you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve got dirt on your mouth, apply this chocolaty tint with a hint of pink.
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Very Berry
Designed by backstage experts from Lakme Fashion Week, you know your pout will look gorge in this hi-definition dark lipstick. The cheeky pink and berry mix complements both the fairest of complexions as well as the duskiest babes.
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Majestic Wine
Calling all the deeper skin tone beauties, Vin Exquise is made specifically for you. Embracing both the mystery and decadence of the royal tinge just one-stroke of the bullet will work wonders. Plus, hydrating Honey and Jojoba totally nourishes the lips.
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Purplicious Plum
#Fail-Proof. Yep, you read that right. This one’s absolutely kiss-proof, so you don’t ever have to worry about touch-ups post lunch with bae. The tube is the ultimate blend of long-lasting power and the most matte texture, ever.
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Moody Blue
If you’ve had an overdose of pinks and plums, turn to a statement-making blue. It’s such an eccentric shade, that we know for sure all eyes will be on you no matter what the occasion. Team it up with complementing attire is all we’d like to say.
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Stark Black
Made in the U.S.A this dark lipstick is little unusual, not in bad way though. Its peculiarity also happens to be its USP. Just like a mood ring, it changes colour depending on your body heat. Wicked right! Call it truly original ’cause who wouldn’t want a personalized tint?
Nykaa Recommends:
Bordeaux Burgundy
Fiery reds and brick-like crimsons are so passé. Skip the classics this festive season and opt for more fashion-forward shades. This deep wine-like tint is the perfect accompaniment to the little black number you can’t get your eyes off.
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Remember, when going bold on the pout, let your lips shine bright. Avoid enhancing other features like your eyes or cheeks.
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