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The Best Hair Dryers: Our Best Bet For A Perfect At-Home Blowout

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Landed up with a lion’s mane the one time you left your locks to air dry? We’ve all been there. But if you and hair dryer don’t share the most cordial of relationships, here’s what you need to know. You’ve probably not found the right match for your strands. We feel you. Apparently finding the ‘THE’ blow-dryer is easier than finding ‘THE’ man. Until now, that is.
Fizzle The Frizz

Braun Stain Hair 3 HD385 Powerfull & Lightware 2000w Hair Dryer

Frizz your unwelcome BFF? You need a blow-dryer makeover. Apart from combining optimum drying temperatures with 2000 watts of power, this all-white blow dryer uses an ionic function to combat frizz. Millions of active ions envelope each hair strand, resulting in smooth glossy hair. Finish off with its unique cold shot of air for hair that stays put for hours.
Lifeless Locks, What’s That?

Remington AC8000 Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer

Keratin for the dull-haired damsels. If the vicious cycle of limp hair=stress=limper hair is your #StrandStory, here’s some much-needed tress respite. Thanks to its advanced Keratin Ceramic coated grille, this shiny hair dryer strikes the correct balance between style and care. Besides, this lightweight dryer also boasts of three heat and two speed settings.
The Daily Blow Dry Babe

Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer White and Blue

If survival without your dryer is impossible, you definitely need to hold back on intensity. Quieter and gentler drying, that’s what this Philips pro is all about. The 1600W hairdryer uses a unique thermo-protect temperature setting that provides protection from overheat. Three flexible speed settings and a low-on-noise formula are the cherries on the cake.
Hey There, Jetsetter!

BaByliss D212E Hair Dryer Compact

Living life out of a suitcase? Well, that’s not reason enough to have a bad hair day. Let this BaByliss kiddo handle your tress mess while you enjoy an ambitious, on-the-go life. Thanks to 2000W you can style faster. Plus the travel-friendly design will easily fit into crammed suitcases without a worry. Compact and chic, we’re already lovin’ it.
Curl Girls, Raise Your Hand

Ikonic Professional Mini Dryer

Feel like chopping your locks every time someone slips in a ‘what-happened-to-your-curls-today’ in conversations? Well, here’s your knight in shining armour. Equipped with the godsend diffuser, this hairdryer is a potential BFF to your curls. All you gotta do is attach the diffuser and gently scrunch your curls upward using its bowl. This one’s to more #CurlPower.
Pro Without An Extra Penny

Chaoba 2800 Hair Dryer Professional Range

Chuck the salon and give yourself an OMG-orgeous blowout at home. Plug in this professional, perfect-for-any-’do gizmo. Lightweight yet powerful, this sleek tress grooming gadget isn’t called a pro for no reason. At 2800W, trust this expert to save some precious moolah. Need any more reasons?
The Quick Blow Dry Junkie

Mr. Barber Power Play 2500 Hair Dryer

For women with dense tresses, blow-drying may seem a meticulous, time-taking task. Switch over to this high-on-power hairdryer that’s perfect for thick locks. With an automatic overheat protection system, cool shot button, and two easy-to-use attachments, wasting additional minutes blow-drying damp hair will soon be a thing of the past.
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