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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From A Beauty Editor

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Dedicated to all the amazing mamas out there — mother’s day is right around the corner. And if you have been scouting the web for a perfect present to shower mom (or a mom-like figure) with love, I have some good news for you. Nykaa is bringing you a gifting curation to help you say #thankstomom! Whether you are honouring your MIL or celebrating the newly-minted mom in your girl gang  — these beauty goodies suited to different personalities are thoughtful and functional. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Nykaa and double down on your preps for the celebratory weekend!

1. For The Long Distance Mom

Forest Essentials Pakshihsal Gift Box Day And Night Care Kit

Forest Essentials Pakshishal Gift Box Day & Night Care Kit

Albeit separated by miles— the long-distance mom is your pillar of strength. From uplifting you (when you are down in the dumps) to hearing you rant over the phone; you cannot do life without her. So, spoil your biggest cheerleader and anchor rotten with a care package this mum’s day. I recommend the Forest Essentials Pakshikal Gift Box Day & Night Care Kit to honour your maker. With luxuriant ayurvedic AM/PM facial care products, this gesture is bound to convey all the love and affection you feel for your favourite human!

2. For The New Mom

Love Beauty And Planet Body Care Kit

Love Beauty & Planet Body Care Gift Set

This pal of yours is a newly minted-mom. Embarking on the new journey of motherhood can be a tad tricky and overwhelming — so make sure to remind her of what a great job she is doing. While words of encouragement go a long way, an additional treat with the Love Beauty & Planet Body Care Gift will be the cherry on top. Help your friend unwind and decompress with this vegan, planet-based gift set. Add a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of Merlot, because why not?

3. For The Mother-In-Law

RAS luxury oils

RAS Luxury Oils 10 Piece All-In-One Beauty Ritual Minis Set

Actions speak louder than words— profess the love for your second mother with this deluxe set of skin oils from RAS. Whether you are navigating the beginning of a relationship with your new MIL or share a loving bond strengthened over the years, this token of love and gratitude ought to earn you some brownie points. Pair this present with a thoughtfully written ‘thank you, mom’, note for all the times she fiercely stood by your side!

4. For The Globe-Trotter Mom

handbag heroes by nykaa- best mother’s day gift

Janhvi Kapoor X Nykaa kits - Handbag Heroes

This mom’s incredible zest for life is contagious and inspires you to get out of your sweatpants, now and then. High-spirits and dreamy eyes, this mom can be the ‘Monica’ of your crew, your supportive work-wife or the birth-giver. The best way to honour her? Help her dazzle  while she jets off to exotic locations! The handbag heroes from the Jahanvi X Nykaa range; an ideal present for this awe-inspiring mum. Featuring the So Creme Lipstick in the shade- Game On, Black Liquid Magic Eyeliner and Lash Talking Volumizing Mascara in the mix — infallible formulations for a quick, on-the -go glam.

5. For The Grandma

Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Bath & Body Refreshing Gift Kit

This ‘mom’ is the most treasured person in your life. She still dotes on you, pampers you, and supports you like she did when you were 5. She was your first teacher; her worldly knowledge stuns you to the core. And you still seek her for advice on the most trivial of matters. For old times and new, celebrate your ‘nani’ or ‘dadi’ with the Wanderlust Mediterranean Sea Salt Bath & Body Refreshing Gift Kit. While you can never put a price on all the bedtime stories, the unlimited hugs and the endearments— the ayurvedic blends in this package for hair and skin rituals will surely convey the heaps of love you have for her.

Nykaa wishes all the incredible mommies, a very happy mother’s day!

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