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The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect

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Lip crayons are having a moment. In fact, the switch from the good ol’ bullet to the new-age lip pencil is pretty justified. Easy-to-use with a creamy matte finish are just two of the reasons why you’ve got to get this latest Nykaa offering in your vanity ASAP! Wanna know why we’re going gaga over these lush lip superstars? Here are all the juicy details.
  • High color pay-off that will keep all the attention on your lips.
  • Waterproof and super long-wear. No more rushing to the loo for furtive lipstick-reapplication missions!
  • Kiss goodbye to feathering lips. No more ugly color creases around the mouth at the end of the day.
  • A creamy texture ensures you don’t have to pay the price for the perfect matte finish. See you never-chapped dry lips!
  • Its 3-in-1 action takes away all the thunder. Use it as a lip liner to line your lips, as a lipstick to fill them, or as a blush for your cheeks. Basically, just swear by #ShapeFillDab
Out of a total of 14 shades, we took #TheFaveShade challenge to make your job easier. Here are out top six picks.

Like To Mauve It

If plum’s the color that you’ve been shying away from, trust the magic of mauve. Ditch those done-to-death pinks and reds for the oh-so-fresh family of purple. This one can look equally elegant on both a date night and the red carpet.
The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect - 2

You Make Me Blush

Fuchsia fever never dies! This one is true-blue flirty and you’d have probably guessed that by its name. On a lazy day, there’s no better way to level up a drab ensemble than by sporting an eternally hot fuchsia pout. Agree much?
The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect - 3

Ken To My Barbie

Yes, we are! We’d bet our makeup pouch on the fact that this sweetheart pink is like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. of lip colors – timeless and addictive! Get your hands on this universal favorite and you’ll never ever be clueless about the Shade Of The Day.
The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect - 4

Red Hot Mess

There are reds and then there’s this red. Borderline maroon, this is the IT shade for the woman who likes to wear red without making it look too obvious. Like we always say, there’s a red for everyone.
The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect - 5

Spice, Spice Baby

The most muted yet sexy shade of all times, nude is the new black. However, finding the right nude for your skin tone is a task. Lucky you, this warm-toned nude will make you fall in love with this color fam, irrespective of your complexion. Try it to believe it!
The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect - 6

Call Me Red, Darling

A hot, red pout for the die-hard romantic; it’s time to waltz your way into bae’s heart with this kissable shade. Give rest to the nudes of your beauty-box and rock bold lips look like a pro. The fear of OTT, what’s that?
The Best Of Nykaa Pout Perfect - 7
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