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The best pain-free hair removal devices in the biz

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First, you’ve got to book yourself an appointment. Make it to the parlor at a decent hour. Then, wait till the wax heats. And quietly endure the hour-long procedure as you make small talk with your waxing specialist. A conversation that badgers your self-esteem. Leaving you squeaky clean but hella greasy on your way out. And to think that we’ve got to repeat this one month later. Uhm, no thanks.

Unfortunately, the tosser is between plucking your hair from your roots or manually shaving hair from the surface of your skin – which invariably scrapes off the top layer of your skin as well. Yikes! Frankly, even that doesn’t bid adieu to ingrown hair. *rolls eyes*

But what if we told you, none of this was necessary. And that you’re doing it all wrong. Trick is to take them short. And painlessly. At your own whim and fancy, wherever you’d like to. These at-home, electronic gadgets are fuss-free to stay fuzz-free. We jot epilators that replace waxing and trimmers and shavers that replace manual razors. Take your pick from the best in the biz.

Face And Foremost

When it comes to our face, we don’t take chances. Waxing and threading our brows doesn’t always make them twin. Tweezing facial hair often leads to sudden break outs. And we tend to scrape off more than we should with manual razors. While this electric hair trimmer is just what the doctor ordered. Toss it in your bag to goodbye to facial hair forever. It’s also hypoallergic to suit sensitive skin.
Zenvista Sensitive Touch Electric Hair Remover Trimmer for Women   

Brows Now

Nobody knows your brows better than you. That’s why grooming them should be a responsibility that lies solely on your shoulders. Not that we expect you to pick up threading skills overnight. But to take charge with this trimmer instead. You don’t even need to be an expert. Nor does it pinch the pocket. In fact, its long handle makes it user-friendly while its slick design is travel-friendly. Put an end to painful procedures with this magic wand.
Wahl Ear, Nose & Brow Cordless 2 in 1 Trimmer

One For All, All For One

Hair removal has be one of the most tedious procedures ever. Not just in terms of pain but the frequency with which we ought to keep at it. But this one-for-all wonder actually makes de-fuzzing a fun job. No matter how small or large the surface area, how tiny or thick your hair growth, its soft-on-skin, stainless steel blade gets you squeaky-clean in just one swipe. All this while also giving you a massage. Sold!
Nova NLS 510 100% Waterproof Sensitive Touch For Women Cordless Trimmer (White)   

What’s In A Name?

Their claim is that they’re the fastest epilator in the biz. Made from textured ceramic surface, it gently extracts the finest of hair, even 4x shorter than wax. The ergonomic S-shaped handle is the first in the market, that won accolades for its user-friendly design.  While this battery-operated, cordless device can be used in the shower or dry. Those contesting should know that Philips doesn’t make empty promises. And here’s proof.
Philips Satinelle Advanced Wet & Dry Epilator (BRE635/00)

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Expert

You trusted them with waxing stripes, manual razors, even hair removal creams. They’ve now upped the ante and moved on to electric trimmers. We see no reason to doubt their credibility. Especially when backed with its Sensitive Touch technology that’s gentle and precise, quick and smooth, easy to carry and clean. Work it on your face, underarms, bikini line or body without being unhygienic. Moreover, its cleaning brush exfoliates, while its comb attachment shapes and grooms your hair. Impressed? We certainly are.
Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Expert   

The Genius

If you haven’t been introduced to the world of epilators, start here. It gives you the effect of waxing, minus the pain and parlor visits. Think many, tiny tweezers work overtime to pluck out the tiniest hair with its MicroGrip technology. And the Epil 9-series is the latest of them all. Add this to cart and you also avail yourself a facial brush, high-frequency massage cap, shaver head, skin contact cap, trimmer cap and face epilator. Neat, isn’t it?
Braun Silk-Epil 9 9 - 558 Bonus Edition - Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

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