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Best Sunscreen for Face

It’s no secret that the one thing you should wear on your face every single day—come rain or shine—is…no, not lipstick, sunscreen! This is the only product that will keep you from tanning, reduce skin darkening and sun spots and prevent premature aging. But, finding the right formula for your skin can be challenging. Many people complain that sunscreen makes their face feel sticky, flaky, or take on a ghostly white sheen. So, to help you find your SPF soulmate we spoke to dermatologists and asked them to pick out the best sun protection creams in the business.

Here Are the 7 Best Face Sunscreens to try

Best Sun Cream

1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte-Look Daily Sun Block Pa+++ SPF- 40

What’s better than a good sunscreen? One with 3X the benefits! This Lotus Herbals pick includes Birch, Mallow and Hops extracts fused together and fortified with a whopping SPF-40. It’s non-greasy, matte-finish and lightweight, making for the perfect daytime sunscreen, while also tripling up as a tinted moisturizer and skin brightener – so it’s protection that makes you prettier, too.

2. Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

If you have sensitive skin but can’t compromise on solid protection – Kiehl’s mineral sunscreen is the pick for you. Chemical-, fragrance- and paraben-free, this sheer formulation is infused with antioxidant Vitamin E that diminishes the ageing effects of free radicals. Since it’s mineral-based, it’s great for acne-prone skin, even imbuing a slight tint to enhance your skin tone. 

Best Sun Protection Cream
Best Sunscreen for All Skin Types

3. L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Even Complexion SPF 50+

L’oreal Paris’ UV Perfect Even Complexion is serious business. Its special, patented formula is SPF-50-strong and contains Mexoryl SX and Detoxyl to fight pollutants, dullness, UVA & UVB rays. In addition, an anti-oxidant complex shields cells and elastins from free-radicals and repairs them from within. The result? Inside-out protection from sun damage and pollution.

4. Bioderma Photoderm Spot SPF 50+

Innovative and effective, Bioderma’s formulas are always spot-on and the Photoderm Spot SPF-50 is no exception. Liquorice-derived Glabridin slows melanin production, thus preventing the onset of pigmentation and scars on a cellular level while also providing external filters that block out the bad rays. In case you hadn’t heard, bio-protection is boss.

Best Sunscreen for Face - Bioderma
Best Sun Cream - Kronokare

5. Dermafique Soleil Defense Gel Creme Full Light SPF 30

There are so many reasons why we are in love with this product. Powered by full-light technology, it shields skin from just not UV rays but also visible light and infrared rays; plus, the gel based formula melts into the skin without clogging pores and is charged with SPF 30 that prevents tanning, photo-aging and pigmentation. PS: It's suitable for all skin types and is comfortable to wear under makeup.

6. The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Clear Sunscreen Stick

Don’t be fooled by its littleness, this K-Beauty stick delivers heavyweight sun protection with a single swipe. 24-hour-power, waterproof properties and inbuilt SPF50 will keep you safe from the sun’s scorch, while Sunflower extracts deliver beautifying results. What we love best about this one is that it’s super travel-friendly, too.

Best Sun Protection Cream – The Face Shop
Best Sunscreen for All Skin Types - Avene

7. Avene Very High Protection Sunscreen Emulsion SPF 50+

Could any list of sunscreens be complete without Avene? Considered one of the best sunscreens in the market, Avene’s Very High Protection Sunscreen Emulsion doesn’t compromise on comfort or protection. Powerful photoprotective active complexes will shield you from the harshest of rays, while its light texture is adapted to our Indian climate and skin tones, so it sits super comfortable on your skin. 

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