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The Best Unisex Scents for You (and Boo)

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We stereotype. Period. And as much as I wouldn’t like to admit it, I clearly recollect being subject to multiple labels growing up. I’d be in a corner playing house with Barbie while my make-believe macho brother would be swinging swords around – ‘saving the world’ with G.I. Joe. Fast-forward to two decades later and I still get the same gender-specific mumbo-jumbo doled out – ‘Sit like a lady’,Don’t drink like a man’, and the most clichéd of them all - ‘Colognes are for him, why don’t you stick to perfumes?’

So, if you find yourself as peeved as I am with sickly-sweet, ultra-feminine perfumes, or if you’ve even gone as far as I have, stealing from your main man’s scent stash (not proud but it had to be done), it’s time to break free from the male/female binaries. There’s a new notion in town - accepting androgynous aromas - and I’m all too ecstatic to share the best crossover smells that swing both ways.

Get your SO seated down ‘coz this list of unisex perfumes is all about splitting with boo. Dare we say #couplegoals?

Unisex Perfume – Calvin Klein

1. Calvin Klein CK One For Women & Men Eau De Toilette

Back in the ’90s CK made a fashion-forward statement by venturing into the world of gender-fluidity. Unlike most brands at the time Calvin Klein looked to the future for inspo. With a refreshing composition of citrusy opening notes, finally melting into warm amber, it’s a timeless sharing classic and one of the best unisex perfume.

2. LOccitane Verveine Verbena Argumes Eau De Toilette

If bae and you have long been planning a trip to Provence but haven’t had the chance, this bottle is your summer-escapade come true. Hints of green tea collide with the richness of seasonal fruits (orange essence, white wood et musk) letting off a fresh concoction that transcends stereotypes.

Best Unisex Perfume – Loccitane Verveine Verbena
Unisex Scents – The Body Shop

3. The Body Shop Kistna Eau De Toilette

Time to toss brain-washing marketing tactics. While this eau de toilette does specifically call out to men as its key audience, it’s safe to say – it smells divine on a woman too. Whiffs of bergamot and grapefruit exude the freshness of an airy summer day. Bring home a bottle for two, won’t you?

4. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Eau De Parfumee Spray

Historically, men were meant to smell musky, leaving the ladies uber-fruity. But since we’re bridging the gap between dual-identities, this crispy scent screams – I’ll sway either way. Opening with cool peppermint, it’s a fresh unisex perfume that uplifts any mood. P.S. It exudes a subtle hint of spiciness too.

Gender Neutral Fragrances – Elizabeth Arden Green Tea
Unisex Perfume – Yves Saint Laurent Opium

5. Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau De Toilette

The only way to describe the next gender neutral fragrance in our line-up is hypnotic. While a mysterious wizard mixing love-potions may sound made-up, this real-life teaser is bewitching. Best worn to a black-tie affair, its spicy oriental notes will have you’ll both love-struck under the dreamy moonlight.

6. United Colors Of Benetton United Dreams Live Free Eau De Toilette

If you’re looking for an inspiring story to tell as you make your first unisex perfume purchase, this one smells AH-mazing in addition to sending a message. Unlike the florals that says – I’m dainty, or the woody-musks that remind you of dad, UCB has found without a doubt a refreshing in-between.

Best Unisex Perfume – United Colors Of Benetton
Unisex Scents – kenzo Totem Yellow

7. Kenzo Totem Yellow Eau De Toilette

Following leading fashion-houses Kenzo too isn’t far behind when it comes to adopting unisex scents that are on the cusp. Launching three variations of the ‘Totem’ range, this eau de toilette packs a powerful punch. Pink grapefruit combined with leathery woods are the essence of symbolic sharing.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Cologne Spray

Lastly, if you’re looking to get a valuable something for your one and only but don’t where to start looking, this Tommy is what you should put your money on. While on the surface it’s a treasure for him, it’s actually a clever disguise ‘coz let’s face it – you’ll be nabbing it too. Now that’s smart, eh?

Gender Neutral Fragrances – Tommy Hilfiger Cologne
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