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The Biggest Beauty Trends That Nykaa Has Been Loving

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biggest beauty trends of 2023

We are past the half-year mark, which prompted me to bring forth a beauty trend round-up (for 2023, this far) —an amalgamation of unprecedented ideas and revivals!

These past few months, the world witnessed a smattering of pop culture phenomenons inspire the two supposed extremities of trends’ trajectories. Case in point: an explosion of pink hues served as a precursor to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, while the hit HBO series Succession championed the cause of quiet luxury with an air of sophisticated nonchalance.

Furthermore, forums like TikTok provided a world stage to independent creators and professionals alike— upholding fads like strawberry makeup (+3.6 Billion views on Tiktok), cherry cola lips (+7 million views), and glossy nails (1 billion views) amongst others. Videos on pertinent topics, focusing on education, awareness and a quick how-to guide, set the internet ablaze, inadvertently moulding beauty conversations.

Scroll further for more such trends that have had the audiences in a chokehold, this far.

1. Barbiecore

Barbiecore Makeup Look

Starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the lead roles, the grandest theatrical release of the year— Barbie led to an eruption of pink across the board. A much needed boost of serotonin, the movement saw pink lips galore, strobe of metallic pinks, hues on the lids and inventive manicure detailings. The search term #barbiecore has approximately, half a billion hits on Tiktok– a testament to the trend’s enormity.

How To Get The Look: Feminine, fun and flamboyant — Barbiecore gives you ample room for experimentation. You may go in for a swipe of muted coral or pink on the lips, an easy, low-effort means to jump on the bandwagon. You may also try flaunting a sprinkling of metallic flamingo, periwinkle and lavender on the lids- to add definition to the gaze with a side of drama.

Margot Robbie Barbie Look

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Dua Lipa Barbie Look

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2. Cherry Cola Lips

Cherry Cola Lips

The search for cherry cola lips has a whopping 7 million hits on Tiktok, with numerous interpretations and recreations. Our favourite, however, is beauty veteran Kylie Jenner’s take on the viral trend. Berrylicious! Steering clear of mattifying lippies, cherry cola lips direct focus to the natural colouring of the pucker further enhanced with a high shine lacquer.

How To Get The Look: If you want to jump on this bandwagon, use a brown lip liner (a shade darker than your natural lip colouring) to overline your lips to create an illusion of plumpness. Start from the cupid’s bow and sketch your way outwards with a gentle and nuanced hand movement. Follow this up with a lipstain of brown, red or berry to mimic the fizzy burst of colour associated with a chilled cherry cola! Finally, go all out with a lip lacquer or gloss for the moody, headline grabbing look.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Look

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3. Strawberry Makeup

Trending strawberry girl makeup

The undisputed trendsetter of our generation, Hailey Bieber, sent netizens into a tizzy with a gorgeous carousel labelled strawberry girl summer, a few moons ago. The results? The search term #strawberry makeup has clocked a staggering 3.6 Billion hits on Tiktok! For the unversed, this glam avatar replicates the natural flush of a sun-kissed look— a gleaming base with a fresh, juicy burst of berry (no surprises there).

How To Get The Look: If you wish to live your summer dreams, much like the Rhode Beauty founder, we recommend focusing on skin prep, first. Using a hydrating moisturiser is bound to bestow the skin with a lit-from-within, healthy glow, which forms the crux of this beauty. Follow this up with a dewy blush on the apples of your cheeks and the nose, preferably in a creme or liquid format for the uber romantic, effervescent look. Top it up with some fierce highlighting action!

Hailey Bieber Strawberry makeup look

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4. Quiet Luxury For The Nails

Quiet Luxury Nail Trend

Endorsing elegant minimalism sans the logos —the Quiet Luxury aesthetic has taken over adjacent industries of fashion and beauty alike. And if you are wondering how the trend translates onto a luxurious manicure-let me be of service. Shy of bold pop of colours, this trend embraces the likes of beige, nude, pink and white, boasting a rich finish. The cardinal trait of quiet luxury is the subtleties and a laid-back attitude which exudes affluence.

How To Get The Look: Micro French manicure and subtle metallic accents— with a clear or nude base colour is the easiest way to flaunt the trend. Blush nails, a technique birthed by the nail technicians of Korea, has been becoming increasingly popular on the beauty scene. This nail art replicates the natural flush of the cheeks with a pop of pink (or similar colour) on a nude base. What one must bear in mind—the placement of the fresh burst of hue should be in the centre of the nail bed.
More recently, glossy nails have been approved by Nicola Peltz Beckham and JLo. All you need is a swipe of high powered top coat or lacquer on a neutral nail colour to rock the trend.

Blush Nails

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