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The Bollywood inspired bridal countdown

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Bollywood looks have inspired brides for years. From Deepika Padukone’s look in Raamleela to Pernia Qureshi’s look in Jaanisaar to Sonam Kapoor’s look in the up coming Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, brides have been demanding looks made popular on the big screen. As a makeup artist, it’s a challenge and treat to adapt highly technical onscreen looks to real life brides.
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But makeup is only the tip of the iceberg as far as your wedding prep is concerned. The beauty regime you follow in the run up to your wedding is vital if you want a glowing complexion on your big day. We know just the routines you need to get your skin in top shape. Read on to get the inside skinny on how to get on your glow!
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Like picking a venue or floral arrangements, there are a few key things to consider on your journey to glowing skin, like how much time is on your side and what your budget is. The sensible thing to do is figure out a plan of action well in advance of your big day. And then stick with it consistently morning, noon and night!

Here are the beauty tips for brides for getting a glowing skin

6+ Months Before the Wedding

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Exercise Plan: Whether you work out consistently, every now and then, or not at all, now is the time to put a regular exercise routine in place. Set goals for yourself and choose your drill of choice; weight-loss regime, strength training, toning or just a way to relieve stress. Not only will you look great on your big day, but you’ll feel great, too!
Skin Diet: Start paying very close attention to your nutrition, as the food you consume can affect your skin’s texture and clarity. No one wants a dreaded pimple on their wedding day! For a healthy, glowing complexion, try a glowing skin diet and pop an Omega 3 Fatty Acid capsule everyday.

4-5 Months Before the Wedding

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Hair and Makeup Consultations:
It’s never too early to make consultation appointments for professional hair and makeup, but 4–5 months in advance will give you adequate time to go through several trial sessions without feeling rushed. Go through a few pictures of their work to get a good sense of what they can deliver. Since this a day you’ll want to remember forever, let’s make sure you love your whole look.
Once you’ve picked your favorite stylist and makeup artist, be sure to book them for your wedding date right away. You don’t want any last-minute scheduling conflicts. Nykaa will soon be offering bridal services so stay tuned for more! It’s a good idea to carry your own kohl and kajal when you go for trials to avoid the chance of infection.

2-3 Months Before the Wedding

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Regular Facials: To really whip your skin into tip-top shape, start scheduling regular appointments with your esthetician for targeted treatments. A microdermabrasion facial or light peel could quickly help you get rid of any discoloration, acne-marks, clogged pores and more. If there’s any specific concern or issue you have with your skin, check in with your dermatologist at this point, as any topical treatments he or she may prescribe will need about three months to start working.
At-Home Skincare: To supplement what you’re doing professionally, an amped up skincare routine will get you on the fast track to a flawless complexion. Making sure you don’t fall asleep with makeup on. Start using a hydrating or brightening serum, weekly facial masks, regular exfoliation and other targeted treatments to prep your skin for the big day (and every day)!

1-2 Months Before the Wedding

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Hair and Makeup Trial: Now that you’ve already picked out your hair and makeup pros, it’s important to go through a trial run with them based on a few different styles and looks you’re fawning over. Carry your dupatta or headgear if you have one and see if you think it looks better with an up do, loose curls or a plait. Just experiment a little! The same goes for your makeup. Figure out what look you’re after; simple and sweet, bold and smoky, glamorous or rustic? Decide on a complete look during this testing phase so that you’re all good-to-go on your wedding day!
Teeth Whitening: With all the skin, hair and makeup love, let’s not forget about your pearly whites! Check in with your dentist for a cleaning session and brighten up your smile professionally or start using white strips now for a picture-perfect smile.

1 Week Before the Wedding

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Waxing Session: Whatever areas you need to wax, do so one week prior to the big day to allow any inflammation and redness to subside. To speed up the soothing process, try Rica Pearl Glowing After Waxing Lotion or Rica After Wax Lotion With Argan Oil post-treatment.
Brow Shaping: Have your brows shaped by your regular beautician as well. Just be sure not to go too thin or try to make any serious changes. If any stray hairs appear before your special day, just pluck them (and only the strays!) away with tweezers.

3 Days Before the Wedding

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Facial Exfoliation: Give your skin one last boost by using a manual exfoliating scrub like Thalgo Freshness Exfoliator or the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub to gently remove any dead skin cells for a naturally brighter complexion. Don’t exfoliate regularly? Here’s how to do it the right way!
Mani and Pedi: For freshly manicured nails, go in for a mani/pedi no more than a few days before your wedding. Keep in mind that a gel mani will keep chips away for up to two weeks! Keep a small mani-pedi kit handy for emergencies.

Wedding Day!

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Makeup Touchups: During the wedding and reception, you may not have your makeup artist available on standby, which is why it’s essential to keep a few products on hand for touch-ups throughout the day. If you’ve settled on a lip color, purchase a tube for yourself to reapply after the dozens of wedding toasts, the cake eating, distant relative pecks and new hubby kisses. And for those with oily skin, a setting powder like Natio Loose Powder will keep your complexion looking smooth and shine-free.
Smile! The countdown is over, and today is your BIG day! Wear a robe during your hair and makeup session so that you don’t get your blouse or dress dirty or overheat and start sweating. Before getting dressed, moisturize from head-to-toe, spritz on your perfume, and you’re ready to head down the aisle!
By makeup artist Arshis Javeri (www.arshisjaveri.com)
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