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The Bride-Ready Beauty Checklist

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Psst. Hello, bride-to-be! As hard as it is to find the right man (which you’ve finally accomplished, phew) what’s really left for you is to figure out what you really need to look good when you make it official in front of the whole world. That said, being a bride doesn't just mean a wedding. You have a bridal shower, cater drama, a bachelorette and then a honeymoon. These recommendations deliver so well that you’re going to look like a bomb through it all, almost like you’ve had your makeup professionally done. Sorry MUAs.

Read on to know all about the best bridal beauty and makeup products you need for your big day!

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Forever Young

Getting married means two things. One, that you finally found your soulmate (a problem some of us are still struggling with) and two, the ‘I feel old already’ dilemma. The tension can often cause stress bags under your eyes, for which we highly recommend Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate. Protection and hydration in a tube, pat this formula around your eyes a few days before your big day, and your delicate skin will look perkier and less tired. Think of this as the equivalent of a power smoothie for your eyes.

Block All That Negativity

Get serious about sunscreen. If you go to any skin expert in the world, they will wax poetic about the importance of wearing SPF daily. So, let’s avoid the uneven splotches of pigment on your skin sheet by ritually smearing on the Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ . This industry favorite provides broad-spectrum protection from the harmful toast rays. Plus, it’s an oil-free formula that marries your skin instantly, thus no patchy drama. What was that? Your bachelorette is in the Bahamas? Skin wise, sorted.
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When Sheet Goes Down

Get your 15 minutes of Zen before all the madness begins with a good recovery mask. Find a quiet area and slap on The Face Shop Bio-Cell Brightening Face Mask. This mask is packed with bio cellulose to feed your skin with a powerdose of nutrition. We know that your wallet’s already feeling the pinch, so this super affordable mask is perfect to stock up on for an instant lift. Lean on this beauty miracle right before you greet the in-laws (and your trillion other super excited guests).

Make It Last

Before you start putting your face on with a boatload of makeup, might as well lock in all your hard work. If there were ever an occasion to be a little self-indulgent, it'd be your wedding day. One of the best in the business, get your hands on the NYX Professional Makeup Studio Perfect Primer and spread it on your face and eyelids before you start. Also, who said that primers are pricey. This heavy-duty formula is worth every penny because it promises to cling onto your makeup for hours. See, that’s a good kinda clingy.
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Your Secret's Safe With Me

We know that the stress can get real during the days that lead up to the wedding. So, if you do (God forbid) wake up with a breakout on your big day, you can conceal that plus any signs of tension with the Nykaa SKINgenius Conceal & Correct Palette. This anti-wrinkle, super pigmented formula works around the clock to smoothen out open pores and blemishes, almost giving you that airbrushed finish. If you have any tattoos that you want to hide from your distant relatives (and in-laws) you can totally bank on this.

Splish Splash Lash

If you're a big crier, think twice before going for falsies. It’s risky. Instead we’ve got the perfect lash counterfeit. The L.A. Girl Fiber Lash Mascara - Black of course. We're not going to tell you that a defining and waterproof mascara is as important to remember on your wedding day as, say, the ring, but it's preeeetty close. Oh, and you can swim in your tears if you’d like but this formula still won’t budge. On a serious note, this heavy duty mascara is gold. 
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Take It All Off

Puff, dab, swish! So much makeup everywhere. But all that extra layer of powder and the falsies you painstakingly applied will look great for your wedding pictures, but the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil will ensure it's all off before bed. This lightweight oil emulsifies with water to a cleansing milk, dissolving even the hardest to remove makeup and impurities without over-drying. Hit the sack with happy skin and you won’t wake up with makeup on your pillow.

You’re The Gloss

As hard as this is going to sound, your wedding day is not a time to experiment. Go for ever the so classic muted glassy lips because there’s just something revolutionary about the power of nude with a hint of gloss. Never fails. For this, we suggest you smear on theBalm Read My Lips Lip Gloss. Plus, this sheer lip look will still be timeless when you're showing your grandkids your wedding album. Oh, and it’s perfect for those honeymoon selfies as well.
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So, to conclude, we can't guarantee that your wedding guests will behave or the caterers won't run out of chicken tikka but you're going to look pretty darn good for every last photo, dance, toast and selfie. Wink!
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